25/3/2016: Well it has been a few days since I wrote a blog! Not much was going on for a couple of days, and for the first time since I ever had Mimitchi, he made it past 30 years old. This is definitely my longest living Mimitchi. :) He is 31 today and soooooo demanding. Drops a heart every two to three minutes. I know I paused him a lot, but hey I didn't think I paused THAT much. Oh well I love him dearly, even when he is this needy. I just put him to bed because it is getting late now and I don't want him dying on me before I go to bed.

I made it through the rest of the meetings at work. There really wasn't anything to be worried about. But I am sure glad it is over now and things will be back to normal in the office on Monday. I definitely had to be more careful about having my Tamas out when there were directors of the company visiting... :P Since all that was going on I had to do something I hate doing - pausing. I absolutley hate pausing my Tamas, and for a long time I never did pause them. However I felt it was better to pause them then let them suffer without care, so they are all a little behind schedule. Morino Tama is still Imotchi at age 5. He would normally be in the cocoon by now, but like I said I did have to pause. I can't wait to see who I get this time!

Ginjirotchi is of age and will be passing away soon. He is 16 years old and dropping hearts a lot more frequently now. I will miss him... But I am enjoying what time I have left with him. :)

Otonoten on Angel Tama is also getting needy! Seems like all of my Tamas are needy at once cept for Morino. Otonoten is 10 years old today, and this evening I realized something: he has yet to ask to be praised and poop. I find it really odd because all of my past adult Angels have asked to be praised at least once or twice. I find it really strange.... And I have no idea how long he will be sticking around for. Either way I really like this character. It was just nice to get something different this time around. :)

Today was a day off for me as it is Good Friday. I will be spending Easter with my family this year as always. Tomorrow we will go and eat at a restaurant for dinner and then everyone will be coming over to our house for dinner on Sunday. I have always enjoyed Easter, and I am hoping it will be better than Christmas was... Grumble... Better not to think about it. I am not sure if Mimitchi will be around for it as he will probably be gone by tomorrow, but either way I hope it is a good time we all have. Maybe I will hatch a Tama for Easter.... :)

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