23/3/2016: Tonight I needed some time with Mimitchi and my Tamas, so instead of going out with friends I decided to stay home. Sometimes when life sucks and things aren't going the way they should you gotta take time for yourself.  After you loose someone important you realize that someday all you can really depend on is yourself. Some days I feel like I am healing and that things are on their way to being normal again, but they really won't be.  Nothing will ever be the same again since my loss in November.

Pukuten on my pink angel passed away this afternoon at the age of 6. I had neglected it so I wouldn't get the twins, but I didn't neglect him so bad that I killed him.  He just passed away, the good death. I guess it was a good death? I haven't seen a bad one yet. I just know that there is a good death and a bad one. I still have Otonoten on my white Angel tho and he is doing great. :)

Morino Tama is very much alive and well but he was attacked by the predator this afternoon and I missed his cries for help. When I got to him he was all bandaged up. :( Poor little guy.... He seems to be just fine since then. I am excited to see what he will change into this time.

I can't beleive this is blog #72. I never thought I would keep up with these blogs, but I am really glad I did. :) There are a lot of memories in these blogs, and many more to come I hope. I am almost 3/4's of the way to 100! I am glad that I have 2015 archived separately to keep things more organized. Eeeep!!! Ginji just pooped, gotta clean him up. Heheheh all better now.

Off to bed early again tonight. I gotta be up early for work again tomorrow. The meetings went well today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Glad I had Mimitchi there for it. He will be gone any day now tho. Just gotta go in early tomorrow so that I can leave at 2:00 for an appointment with my doctor, and then a long weekend for myself and my Tamas. :)

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