21/3/2016: Well back into another work week again, and thankfully it is a short one because I get Friday off. :) I spent most of yesterday relaxing and updating little things on my page. Didn't fall asleep till late last night because of yesterdays laziness. :P oh well...!

Tamagotchi wise things couldn't be better. :) Yesterday I had two changes happen on my Angels. First Oyajitenshi changed into the secret character - Otonoten. I am so happy to have gotten two new characters in one shot. :) And I say it is about time! I have been waiting for so long to see new characters on the Angel and I am finally getting results. And you know what?!? He is really cute! I love this little character so much. And that is not all..... My pink Angel changed into the adult of Pukuten last night shortly after my white Angel changed. I am soooooooo glad. :) They are both so cute. Love them so much!!!! I have heard rumors that Pukuten can change into the twins, so I have been neglecting him a little in hopes that he just stays the character he is. And if I do end up with the twins again I guess it won't be the bad. I am just glad I actually got a new adult character first. ;)

As for Morino, my Kabutotchi passed away yesterday as you probably know if you read the Morino Blog 2. I was sad to see him go.... I hatched the white egg shortly after and had Babymotchi for 24 hours. He is in the Imotchi stage now. He is 1 year old, 11mg and sleeping at the moment. Doing quite well. He had two visits from the big foot today while I was at work, but I scared him away within seconds.

Mimitchi and Ginji are still here. Mimitchi is 27 today and extremely demanding. I hadn't planned on pausing him this much, but in a sense I am glad I did now because we have major meetings coming up at work this week, and I know if I had let him go yesterday that I would mess up getting him back with all the craziness at work. I don't wanna deal with having to get him back during all this, so I will keep pausing him until Thursday when the meetings are over.... Ugh.... It's only Monday yet and still gotta get through the next three days at work. I hope it all goes alright. I am not a social person. I get along really well with my coworkers, but when the directors of the company come in from out of town, the whole atomosphere changes and things get kinda tense. I work much better when it's just my boss and team lead around the office. They are really great people and encourage me to do my best work. Anyways.... Got off on a bit of a tangent there.

Ginjirotchi is 12 today and getting a *little* on the demanding side, but really not too bad. Just a slight demand compared to what he was before he got sick at age 10. Otherwise he is healthy and easy to care for. I missed him so much.... Still so glad I got him back. :) Since I have had to pause Mimitchi for the last few days, Ginji has been by my side at all times. He is much younger than Mimitchi, so he is able to keep me company when Mimitchi is on pause. They are both such sweet hearts, and life is more fun when I have them with me - especially at work. Maybe I can sneak Ginji into the meetings with me on Wednesday and Thursday.... hehehehe.... Nah. My Tamas will stay at my desk on pause, or just with the sound off depending on how long the meeting will be. Oh my sweet Jesus what if one of them died during the meeting.  Ok I need to stop thinking so much, I am getting carried away now.

I have been home most of the evening. I had to go out and run a couple of errands but other than that it has been nice and quiet. I am thinking about pulling out and movie and watching it with my Tamas. Maybe we will watch a comedy or something. I am thinking about going into work an hour early tomorrow morning so I would like to get to bed a little earlirer, but I don't know if that is going to work out or not. I always say that I am going to go to bed early and then end up staying awake till after midnight. Whyyyyyy do I do this to myself!!! :P I am in a really weird mood tonight.

Either way I gotta go and update some other parts of my site. Gotta update the Tama history list as it has definitely changed since a couple of days ago, and gonna work a little more on my next blog project. I am sure you know what I am talking about if you know what Tamas I am gonna be hatching next month. ;)

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