19/3/2016: Well I am DELIGHTED to say that I didn’t get the twins on my Angel Tama! Yesterday evening around 6pm I got Oyajitenshi. He is the lowest on the growth chart and is already a little demanding. He has potential to change into a secret character, which thankfully won’t be the twins. I am just so happy to finally have someone new. Took me four tries but I finally got some results. :)
I actually decided to hatch another Angel when I got home from work yesterday, my pink one this time. I neglected it right from the time it was hatched and just a few minutes ago got the unhealthy teen character. I hope I can get the best of the worst characters, but again I will be happy with anything besides Kuriten or the twins. ;) Two Angel Tamas going now.
Morino Tama is still very much alive and well, and I need to update those blogs later on this evening. As I mentioned before, I will be writing about that Tama over here once this character passes away. I am not sure how long he is going to live for, but he is really cute and fun so I hope he stays for a while.
Mimitchi is still with me at 25, but it’s more like 19 with pausing. I wish I could keep him around longer without having to pause him, but this is the only way that I can extend his life. He is soo needy, but I really don’t mind.
I still have Ginji, and he was sick this afternoon at the age of 10. Ugh. I feel like I only just got him and now he is already going to start getting demanding. I love that little guy just as much as Mimitchi. I may end up pausing him a little when he is older so I can keep him around a bit longer like I am with Mimitchi. :)
I brought all my Tamas out with me this evening to my favorite restauarant, Quintannas. It had been so long since I went there and it was soooooo good. Matt and I went together. We headed back to his place after that and hung out, and some people came over for drinks. I got to see my friend Loraine who I hadn't seen in a really long time. It was great! I was in and out of Matts room all evening checking on my Tamas and they were all really good. But I messed up and let poor Morino Tama go to bed in poop! :( Poor sweet thing. Oh well.... I am home now and have Ginji, Mimitchi and Oyajitenshi still awake. The other two are in bed asleep.

After I finish this blog up, I have to go and update the Morino blog as I haven't done that in a few days now. Got a few things to report about on that end. :) I am so pleased with the way those two blogs turned out and I think it definitely sets the stage for the other Tamas I plan to hatch in the months to come. Ahhhh I am so excited!!!! :) I got another pair of Osutchi and Mesutchi since my blue/pink pair have stripped screws... This pair is clear white and clear smoke black! I really wanted to hatch the blue/pink pair but that will have to wait until I get them fixed at a jewl shop. I really like my other pair as well, tho! Anyways I have typed enough in this blog for tonight. Off to update my other pages I go...!

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