17/3/2016: Blog number 69....! How crazy is that. I can't beleive how far I have come with the Tamagotchi Blogs. I love writing them and I will cheerish these memories in years to come. :)

Morino Tama is doing well at the age of 7, and I have been blogging a lot of things over on that page. And Mimitchi and Ginji are doing great as well! Mimitchi is 23 and rather demanding. Had I gone by normal time, he would have died yesterday, but I figured I would pause him some so I can have a little more time with him. Ginjirotchi is only 8!! :) So happy!

My twins, Ammm and Pommm didn't fare as well as my last ones. They are now in the Celiastial Heavens at Planet Tamagotchi, gone at just 14 years of age. I had gotten up from my desk yesterday afternoon to go and bring something to another office, and I took Angel out of my pocket as I was walking to see them floating there with that mad look on their face. I knew from past experience that this was the end. I pressed B button and then the little star rose from the bottom, and then there were just twinkling stars left on the screen. I hatched my Angel again 45 minutes later at 3:31 and I am once again going to try for a new adult. And I am already on my way to acheiving that! Late this afternoon I got the unhealthy teen character, Takoten. :) So I am not going to be getting the twins again this time. This is my fifth hatching of an Angel Tamagotchi, and all but once I have gotten the twins, so I am really looking forward to seeing who I get.

Today was a busy work day and I am glad to be home now. Just updating little things on my pages that needed to be done long ago, and only getting around to it now. Myself and Mom are going up to Laura and John's to see Donald soon, so gonna finsih this blog here and go get ready for that. :)

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