15/3/2016: Well I guess I should finally write a blog seeing how it has been five days now since I last wrote. I still have Mimitchi here with me, but sadly he is rather on the demanding side at 21. I have been pausing him to make him stay longer. Sometimes it's nice to cheat and keep him around for longer. :)

As I mentioned in my last blog, I hatched my Japanese Tama on the 10th. I wanted either Ginjirotchi or Masukutchi. I knew he would be changing this afternoon, and he did right before I left work at 4:25. I was sitting at my desk finishing up my work and saw the screen do a shimmer, and when it cleared I saw that I had gotten...... GINJI!!!!!!!!! I missed that little guy so much! It has been so long! I haven't had him on my Tama since November. And now he is finally back again so I can stop missing him so much. :) I definitely needed my Ginji fix.

I still have Morino and Angel here with me. Angel is the twins... they are 13 years old with 18AP and full and happy for the time being. They are loosing hearts more frequently over the last two days but other than that are easy to care for. I have no idea if they will depart at 15 like my first twins did, or if they will stay forever like my last ones. I have only paused two hours worth this time because I slept in one day, but other than that their age is totally accurate.

Tonight I hadn't planned on doing anything when I got home from work, but my friend Sharee and her Mom came down for a visit and then we all decided to go out for a drive. My Mom came as well and it was a great time. :) We just drove around downtown and talked for an hour or so. We had so many laughs, a really great night out indeed. Those are the best nights sometimes, going out for drives that have no destination or time restriction. And after a long work day it was definitely needed. :) I had my Tamas with me and I cared for them the whole time.

Mom and I just got home a little while ago and now just relaxing a little and working on my Morino blog before it is time to go to bed. I have been busy making animated gifs for that page. :) I am getting good at it hehehe. I am gonna do the same kind of blog format when I hatch Mesutchi and Osutchi in a month or so. In fact I plan to do all of my Tama incarnations that I raise on seperate blogs, such as Ocean, Mothra, etc. I think it is really cool to capture the first couple of experiences with a Tama in detail, and then I can just write about them back here after the first couple of runs. :) I just finished updating the Morino page so go take a look if you are interested.

I forgot to mention that I got a Nakamura TamaOtchi in the mail last week! It is really nice looking. I actually started it up and played around with it a little and then put the tab back in. It is all in Japanese and I have no idea how to raise it. But my friend Jackie said that she knows about how to raise this Tama so she is gonna give me some tips. :) Who knows maybe I will do a blogs page for this Tama when I hatch it.... Oh! My friend Natasha is knitting me Tamagotchi cozies! I cannot wait to see them!!!! Gotta keep my little ones warm. :)

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