10/3/2016: Today I had to take off from work because I have a swollen eye lid. It is really uncomfortable, so I have just been resting most of today. However at 1pm I finally got up and moving and decided I wanted to hatch something, so I grabbed my white Japanese Gen1. I either want to get Masukutchi or Ginjirotchi, I will be happy with either. I really miss Ginji though. :) I set the time on my Tama at 1pm and he hatched at 1:05. So now I am up to four Tamas running.

Today while I have been home I have gotten to thinking about stuff, and the last seven months I have spent with Tamagotchi. I really couldn't have picked a better time to start this website. I know that I don't have a huge number of people who visit this site, but for me it's really not about that. I have always wanted to do a website for as long  as I can remember. My friend Kat was a big inspiration for me, and her lovely site at mimitchi.com. I was also inspired to start this site after I got back into Tamagotchi last August, and joined the Tamagotchi Ancestors Facebook page. I hatched the first P2 Tama I had hatched in years on August 9, who of course later became Mimitchi, and then a couple of weeks later this website was born. :)

In the months that followed I made a little page talking about the first Tamagotchi I had gotten as a child back in 1997, and I also started a list of my past hatched Tamagotchi - which has now grown to 60 hatched Tamas. :) I never thought I would have gotten back into Tamagotchi again, but I obviously had missed it big time. I really missed the fun in my life, of having them with me wherever I went. I did tire of them many years ago, and then my whole collection stayed in storage for many years.

I started writing the Tamagotchi blogs in October and from there on I have been raising at least two Tamas at a time ever since. In November my Dad passed away, and I really thought that everything was just going to stop. I figured I would just give up on life, quit my job. My Dad was a key figure in helping me through my anxiety and panic disorder, so in the days after he passed, I really didn't know what was going to happen.  But I quickly realized that giving up was not an option for myself or my Mom. I had to keep going for myself and for her. I paused my Tamas for a couple of days, but then decided that I needed to keep doing what I loved, so I took them off pause and dove back into writing here again.

I still remember the day that I hatched my yellow/blue Tama (Mimitchi) for the first time. I was here at home with my Dad and we were getting ready to go out for something to eat. My Mom was away on a trip so I had been spending lots of time with Dad that week. Why I decided to hatch that particular Tama I don't know. I always loved the colour of that shell, and it had a Mimitchi on it (at that time anyway hehehe) and I said hey why not. It was brand new! This Tama was the one that got the ball rolling for this whole website and rekindled my Tamagotchi Fever so to speak. :)

I have made a lot of really nice friends online because of Tamagotchi, some of whom I have known since 2006! It was so great to reconnect with them during the last seven months. In fact I began talking with Jiro just a few days ago, and we hadn't talked since 2007! It really is amazing how fast the time has gone. I was just meant to start raising Tamas again I guess. :) It is a wonderful feeling!

When I first started collecting Tamagotchi I was in high school in 2006. I joined Kat's Tamagotchi Forum at the end of 2006 and that is where I made a lot of my contacts like Nik, Jiro, Jenn, Alexa. I am sure I am leaving a bunch of people out, but you all know who you are. :) Last year I became really good friend with Shawn who I talk of a lot in these blogs. He is a very good friend to me, and we are constantly hatching Tamas together. We chat every single day and for that I am very fortunate.

I guess everything in life happens for a reason, and I was lucky enough to get back into my love of Tamas when I did because I have really needed the fun in my life since my Dads passing. I have a great job, and a wonderful family, and this hobby and website is just another reason for me to keep on thriving. :) There may come a day when I will tire of my Tamas again, but that is definitely not today. I love them too much, and I have many more blogs and blog pages about other versions planned out in my mind. :) That is the beauty of Tamagotchi - all of the different incarnations can keep you raising Tamas for years and years.

Another thing that I have found is I am less stressed since I got back into my Tamas.  Whenever I am feeling stress or anxiety, I just look to my Tamas, and write how I am feeling in my blogs. I find that I can forget more and not concentrate so much on what is stressing me out and eventually I am back to feeling alright again. :) And my Tamas are always with me - even at work.

That is one thing I am really lucky for is my job. I do have to be a little discreet about my Tamas. But my job pretty much allows me to bring as many Tamas as I have running to work with me every day.  I am sure I won't always be in such a position that I will be able to bring them to work, but for now I am just riding the wave and enjoying the freedom that I have in my job. It is a really great job, and I am glad to have Mimitchi and my Tamas by my side for all of it. I can't imagine having it any other way after having them there like this since August. :)

Anyways I guess I felt like talking about stuff today, and it feels great to have a place to call my own where I can just talk about anything. My four Tamas are doing great. I am on my second Morino Tama now and that is all being written about on the Morino page. After this Morino I will just write about it over on these blogs with the rest of my Tamas. Angel Twins are easy to care for, not at all demending.... YET! Hehehehe. And Mimitchi is getting a little on the demanding side at 16. I shall be back soon with another blog. :)

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