8/3/2016: Well today sucked ROYALLY! Hahaha. Mimitchi is doing just fine. I expect him to be around for a while yet. I have needed him this week at work with everything that has been going on.

So what sucked about today? Well work was bad of course, but it got better in the end. And this evening my Angel, Kuriten changed into none other than.... the Futagotenshi twins. Those little buggers have come back into my life yet again. I have raised four Angels, and three of those times I have gotten this character..... I really hope that they don't live forever like my last ones did....!

And on top of it all, Morino Tamagotch died today at age 11. I have written about that in my Morino logs, though. I restarted him, this time hatching the spotted egg. For more on him go to my Morino Tamagotch page. :)

Not much else to write about tonight except for the fact that I am extremely burned out from work, and it is still only Tuesday. I really hope things get better because I really cannot afford anymore stress. My Tamas comfort me when nothing else does. I feel like I am just waiting for the next bad thing to happen, and that is no way to live life. But my sweet Tamas make it all a little easier.

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