5/3/2016: It's been an interesting week. And now it is finally the weekend. I spent most of today at home with my Tamas watching movies, but I'll talk more about that in a little while. Tonight my Angel changed into an adult at age 3. She unfortunatley became Kuriten, again... This is my fourth time raising an Angel, and all but once I have gotten this adult character. I hope I don't get the twins again. I can't seem to get any of the other characters, even with leaving the AP at 0.

Mimitchi Tama is doing quite well at age 11. He has yet to even get sick yet so he still has a long life ahead of him. :) I love him so dearly. Morino Tama is doing quite well at age 8! He is a little on the demanding side tho. For more about him go to my Morino logs page. I will be updating that before bed tonight.

Been a lazy day, but I did watch two movies with my Tamas today. Both were movies that had Sharon Stone playing the leading lady. The first one was called Casino which was really good. And after that we all watched The Specialist. Both really great movies! Kept me on my toes the whole time. :) I think Mimitchi and the others enjoyed them as well. Was just nice to be home.

In fact a lot of my days have been spent at home lately. I rarely go out anymore, and when I do I am usually back home again within an hour or so. There were times three and four years ago when I would be gone for days without being home..... I am much happier now, though. Life is better when I am at home with my family. And my sweet Tamas. :)

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