3/3/2016: This evening after work I felt the itch, so at 6pm sharp I hatched my white Tamagotchi Angel. It is time to try for a new character! I have always ended up with those Futagotenshi Twins, and I am determined to get something else this time. I will be happy with anything but them twins. :)

So I hatched it at 6pm and it went through the hour long baby stage as a little spirit/ghost and shortly after 7pm changed into the adorable little Maruten. I think that character is just the cutest thing ever. A Marutchi with wings? Break my heart why don't you. It is just too cute. :)

Mimitchi is doing wonderful at his young age of 9! I have so enjoyed having him back this week. And let me tell you, I needed him this week at work. The beginning of the work week started ok, but I am so ready for the weekend now. I just held onto Mimitchi so many times this week when I thought I was going to fall apart. Better not to think about it...

Morino Tama is alive and well, but I will keep it at that. For more on my little critter, go to the Morino Tamagotch logs page. :)

Sadly that is all I really have to write today. It is close to 10pm now and I really need to get a good nights sleep if I am going to have any kind of a day tomorrow. Then I have the weekend....! Good night to all those out there in Tama land. :)

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