28/2/2016: Well it has been a good weekend! The most relaxing one I have had in a while in fact.  It is getting late now and I gotta be up for work early tomorrow, but I figured I would write a blog to say what has been going on. Sadly I lost Masukutchi (white Japanese P1) yesterday at 17. We were all (myself and my Tamas) watching the movie Sliding Doors when the beeping began. Zukitchi on my blue/black Japanese Tama followed suite this morning. He was also 17. I will hatch those Tamas again at a later date.

On a much better note, I got Mimitchi back today! I kept my yellow/blue Tama up at all times during the last four days to ensure I had him back for the coming work week. Last night I gave him his final discipline and then he got sick, so I went to bed last night knowing I would have him back today. This afternoon after I got out of the shower, I came back in the room to see my sweetie on the screen. :) I am so glad to have him back, and at age 5 at that.

Thursday night I hatched my new Morino Tamagotch. I have been busy working on a page for this wonderful little Tamagotchi, and I have been logging all of his activity on that page. He is really cute! And he is now in the second half of the child stage as an Imotchi. I have been busy making animations and taking pictures for this page, and it has been a lot of fun. I am definitely going to follow this same format for Mesutchi & Osutchi when I hatch them. For more about my little potato grub, go to my Morino Tamagotch blog page. :) I have been updating that page every day since I hatched him.

So since the death of my Masukutchi and then Zukitchi this morning, I am down to running two Tamas. Feels really strange to be honest! I am used to raising at least three. I am going to be focusing a lot of time on Morino Tamagotch over the next week and updating that page, doing more animations and such. However I do plan to be taking another try at raising Tama Angel in the next couple of weeks. There are still so many characters I have not gotten on that Tama and I am ready to try again!

I gotta end this blog here. I would love to write more about this weeked, but I gotta get to bed at a decent hour tonight so I can be well rested for the work week I have ahead of me. Glad I got Mimitchi here to help me through. :)

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