24/2/2016: Well... It has been an intersting week. Yesterday Masukutchi got sick and has entered the demanding stages of life, and today Zukitchi was sick as well. They are both one year apart so it makes sense. I am still disapointed that I didn't get the secret characters, but I will try again next time. I will be taking a break from trying for the Japanese secret characters for a short time as I will be hatching Morino Tamagotch in the coming days.

Today I lost my beloved Mimitchi at 10:30am. I was sitting at my desk coding claims and then the next thing I saw was my little guy tucked away in his bed, resting up for his journey back home. I had so hoped that he would last until the work day was over, but there is never a good time for him to leave really. At 10:31 I pressed A and C to start a new egg, and at 10:36 I had Shirobabtichi to care for. The rest of the work day went pretty good and now I have Tonmarutchi at 50% discipline.  I love Mimitchi so much, even after almost 7 months of always having him with me constantly. I don't think I will ever grow tired of that sweet little face.... :)

I was chatting with Shawn this evening about the loss of Mimitchi and he asked how many Mimitchi's I have raised on this Tama. Upon looking at my character history, I see that I have hatched my yellow/blue Tama 10 times, and 9 of those times I have gotten Mimitchi. The other time I actually had to reset it because I had missed a discipline when it was Tonmarutchi and didn't want to risk not getting Mimitchi. So yeah, this is my 11th time hatching my Mimitchi Tamagotchi and will be my 10th Mimitchi when I get him back. :)

Anyways this blog is only gonna be this long because I have nothing else to write about. Pretty quiet around here this evening. That's what happens when you run so few Tamas. :)

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