21/2/2016: Well back into another work week! Stuff has happened and I haven't been here to write. I think this is going to end up being a several day blog. Not a whole lot to report Tamagotchi wise, but they have been with me for everything that has been going on. :)

First off, the last time I wrote I said I had two Tamas that I was aiming to get secret characters on, Masukutchi and Zukitchi. Both got sick one day apart from the other, but sadly neither of them changed. I have no idea where I went wrong! I took perfect care of both of them, caught all of their disciplines, but still got no results. Sigh sigh sigh.... I was so excited, and I really thought they were going to change over the weekend. Better luck next time, I guess!

Mimitchi is of age and will definitely be passing on soon. He is 21 years old today. I am glad I had him with me for the weekend which I will talk about after. I feel like the time went so fast for Mimitchi this time. The days just fly by at work, and then I am usually so busy on the weekends that they just flash by as well. I have a busy work week ahead of me, so I am kinda dreading Mimitchi's departure, but I will just have to do the best I can to get him back and get all my work done as best I can. Hopefully he sticks around for at least another couple of days.... But I really haven't paused him much so it kinda adds up to him leaving tomorrow. :(

Anyways now that you're up to date on my Tamas.... Over the past few days stuff has happened and I haven't been here to write blogs. :)

Friday I got off work at 4:30 and came home to relax for a bit before it was time to head out with some friends. I met up with Amy, Dan, Ashley and Patrick at 6:30 at Boston Pizza. I had all three of my Tamas with me for that. It was a really great time. Was great to catch up with everyone! I paused Mimitchi at one point during the evening since it was really loud in the restaurant. But somehow he must of came unpaused and when I took him out of my pocket as I left the restaurant, I found him with completely empty hearts and the attention light on. My poor little sweetie. I feed and played with him right in the lobby of Boston Pizza!

That night I got home around 9pm and got into bed pretty early that night. Mimitchi was in bed by 10pm, and I put Masukutchi and Zukitchi to bed a little after 10 as well since I wanted to get a good nights sleep. I wanted to be up at a decent hour the next day as Mom and I had plans with Laura and little Donald. Got a good nights sleep and was up for 9am the next morning!

Got up Saturday morning and was showered and ready to go by 10:00.  We headed up to Lauras shortly after that and hung out while Laura was still getting Donald dressed and ready. :) After that we all headed out to Kent and bought a new sink for our upstairs bathroom (the one we have no has a big crack down the middle). We got the sink out to my SUV and drove it back to the house, and then we went to lunch at the Classic Cafe, downtown. We didn't have any trouble finding a parking spot down there, and the weather was beautiful yesterday. Lunch was great! I got chicken quesadillas and french onion soup! I had my Tamas out with me the whole time. :)

After we finished lunch we drove around for a little bit and then hit the mall! Laura had to return some stuff at Winners and we needed to pick out a birthday gift for our aunt Rose. We got her a nice planting pot for her garden. I never bought anything for myself at the mall that day, nothing that jumped out at me, so I saved my money. We did get ice cream from Laura Secord, though which was really delcious, and then Donald played in some of the rides in the center area of the mall. :)

We headed home soon after that and Laura droped us off. Myself and Mom hung out at home for a little and then we headed up to Amy and Dans for a Chinese New Year party they were having. It was nice. We only stayed for a couple of hours, and I left Mimitchi and my other two Tamas at home on pause as I didn't want them to get neglected around a group of almost 50 people.

Sunday was a fun day also! We had my grandmother and uncle, along with Laura and Donald over for Sunday dinner. It was more of a had to be there kind of an evening..... It was a lot of fun! Of cours I always have a great time with my family. :) Donald played with my Tamas a little that night, he loves pressing the buttons and hearing the beeping noise, especially the game noise. He is just the sweetest little two year old. I love him so much. :) I actually gave him one of my old P1 Tamas that doesn't work all that well, but he carries it around whenever I go visit him at Laura and John's house.

So all in all it was a really enjoyable weekend, and I was glad to have spent it with my wonderful family, and my Tamas were there for most all of it. I am back into another work week now, and I am hoping that Mimitchi can hang on for an extra day or so.  But I am really just prolonging the inevitable when I pause him, so I will just have to do the best I can to get him back when he leaves.

That about finishes up this blog. I will end this saying that I have my Morino Tamagotch page all ready to post in, and I will be hatching it by the end of this week or very early next week. The page is looking really great, and I am looking forward to doing other pages like it for my other Tamas - pariculary Osutchi and Mesutchi. I will be posting the Morino page by the end of this week, and will post updates when I write there. Can't wait!!!!! :)

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