18/2/2016: Blog 60! I never thought I would write so much. :) It has been a long time since I have written a blog, or the last five days have just felt really long. :P Either way, a couple of things have happened Tamagotchi wise and I have been really busy outside of my online life. Work has been so busy, and when I get home at the end of the day I don't feel like looking at a computer screen much.

I have been caring for three Tamas this week. Yesterday around mid morning my Japanese Gen2 changed into Zukitchi, which is exactly what I wanted. I have Masukutchi on my white Japanese Gen1, and I am waiting for him to call for his last discipline. I am praying that I get the secret character on these two Tamas, and I think I will because I have been taking perfect care of them and catching their disciplines.

Sadly Mimitchi is getting into the demanding phase of his life at 18. I haven't paused him much at all, so I would say he has about five or six days left before he departs. I have had him with me at all times, and I give him the best care I can, even when things are busy at work. I love that little guy so much....! Life is better when I have him clutched in my hand. :)

With the weekend coming up and an order from the chiropractor to be a little more attentive to my posture, I am going to setup my computer in a more ergonomical fashion. I have written all my blogs with my MacBook setup on my bed. :P In fact I am always sitting on my bed when I am on the computer. I need to change that for sure or I am going to have a lot of back and shoulder problems.  And I have a lot of stuff that I am going to be doing with this site over the next few months so I am definitely going to need to get situated.

Anyways, off I go to get ready for bed. I am sure I will write a blog if/when I get the secret characters, and I will have pics to post on the pictures page then as well. Until then, take care Tama lovers. :)

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