13/2/2016: Yesterday sometime after 3:30 Meramon, my DigiMon let go and passed away at 15. I wasn't aware of his departure until I looked down at my desk to see that he had died. I had only just finished feeding him about ten minutes before, and the attention light was not on so I am guessing he died somewhat happy. He was a needy little guy over the last few days, but I didn't mind. I hope to get him again someday. I won't be hatching another DigiMon just yet, so I put the tab back in.

Yesterday I opened up my blue/black Japanese Tamagotch - the one with Mimitchi at the top. :) I decided to hatch this Tama on my way to work. He is 100% disciplined and got sick earlier today. And as you may already have guessed, I am going for a secret character.

We had more messy weather today! The snow started around 1pm and went steady until about 7:00 this evening. I actually had to go out in the storm because we needed stuff from the grocery. My poor Tamas got to witness St. John's winter weather at its worst! Thankfully they were safely tucked away by the gear shift console which is in plain sight. :) I love bringing my Tamas around with me in the car, especially when I am running errands. If I am running a larger group of Tamas, then sometimes I will just have Mimitchi out on the console, and the others will be tucked away in my bag. But since I don't have as many going right now, I was able to have them all out with me today.

Speaking of Mimitchi, my little guy was sick today at 13, but has otherwise been healthy and easy to care for. He will always be my number one Tama. :)

So for a little while yesterday I had four Tamas going, but since Digi left I am back down to three again. I have my 13 year old Mimitchi Tama. Then I have Tamatchi on my white Japnaese Tama, he is 3 years old. And then my blue Japanese gen2 whom is a 2 year old Tonmarutchi.

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