11/2/2016: Well after the death of my Futagotenshi twins, I finally put the tab back in my yellow Angel. I kept it on my night stand for two days with the little stars sparkling on the screen. I felt like it was kind of fitting seeing how they lived for so long...! It will be a while before I hatch another Angel, probably a month or so...! I wasn't a big fan of them, but I will never forget those 50 year old twins. :) I hope I don't get them again for a very long time, and if I do... Well I hope they don't stay as long, hehehe.

This afternoon after my lunch hour was over, Masukutchi died at age 17. I was just finishing up feeding him and the checkered pattern began to black the screen out. I still get surprised when I see the ghost and gravestone on the Japanese P1. I had to dive right back into my work after that, but I hatched another at 2:55 and now have a Marutchi with 25% discipline. I will try again for the secret character. :)

Meramon Digi has become very demanding at 15. He empties out all of his hunger hearts in about 10-15 minutes, while he only looses about one happy heart every hour or so. As a result, his weight has sky rocketed all the way to 99 units. I just can't keep up with his low metabolism at work. I don't think he will live much longer considering how demanding he is, coupled with the fact that he isn't the healthiest of characters. I will do my best to care as well as I can for him, though. Mimitchi is only 11 and so easy to care for, but with all the other demanding Tamas I have had on my hands lately, I check on him constantly only to see that he hasn't dropped so much as one heart. He is such a well behaved little Tama. :)

I got my Morino Tamagotch in the mail today, along with a Pink Tama Angel and an Irish green P1. I am really excited to hatch the Morino! Thanks to Nik for these awesome Tamas, along with some other cute items. :)

I am so glad that tomorrow is Friday. I will be heading over to Laura's after work tomorrow to hang out and have Mexican food. It is going to be great to just relax. And with a max of 3 Tamagotchi that I am going to care for over the next couple of weeks, I am hoping I can get the Japanese secret character. After that I am going to start up my Morino Tamagotch. I definitely want to have enough time to concentrate on that Tama. :)

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