9/2/2016: Today we had a snow storm here in the city, so I was off work for the day. I kept busy with updating an upcoming page for this site and watched the movie Strapped with my Tamas. This evening my Angel Tamagotchi finally died at age 50, but with pausing it was much younger than that. I can truthfully say that this is the only time I was relieved to see a Tamagotchi go.... I am going to wait a while before I hatch another Angel. :)

I am still waiting for my Morino Tamagotch to come in the mail, along with a few other Tamas. I plan to hatch that one in a few weeks. :) It is going to be so much fun!!

It is really messy outside this evening, so I haven't ventured out much except to shovel a little and to walk up and check the mail. I am still waiting on my Osutchi replacement to come as well.... Not sure when that will arrive as there is no tracking info on that eBay listing. I hope it comes sooon!!!

So with the departure of Angel that leaves me with three Tamas running. I have a sweet 9 year old Mimitchi who is really easy to care for, a 13 year old Meramon (DigiMon), and a 15 year old Masukutchi who I except to die soon. I will hatch that Japanese Tama again once Masukutchi leaves. Oh yes and I also plan on hatching my Japanese P2 this week! Gotta get them secret characters!!!

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