7/2/2016: Well, not a whole lot, yet on the other hand a lot has happened in the last week.  It has been hard to get to writing blogs because work has been so busy, and I still have the same four Tamas that I have had going for the last month. However some stuff has happened and I have been busy outside of my internet life.

I think I mentioned in my last blog post that I got Masukutchi on my Japanese Tama. I took perfect care of him and caught all of his disciplines but sadly he did not change. He is getting a little on the demanding side now at 13. I will try again for the secret character after he dies.

On a very awesome note Mimitchi returned to me last night! My little guy came back a half hour into seeing the new Star Wars movie in theatres last night at 6:30!! :) I was soooo happy to see him. I actually kissed him right in the theatre. My friends think I am weirdddddd. :P I just love him so much. I brought all four Tamas with me to the theatre last night, but Angel had to be paused.

That will tell you that yes.... Angel... Futagotenshi... Is STILL here with me at the ripe age of 48. But of course that age is very artificial. I really can't tell you how old they really are now because I have had to pause so much. I only have them awake a couple of hours each day, if at all. I would say they are around 30 or 31 realisticaly. I do put them to bed every night so they have been around for 48 days - that side of the age is realistic anyway. I will care for them until they die.... But man.... They are on the verge of becoming annoying.

That just leaves me with DigiMon, who became an adult I have not seen before, Meramon! He changed the day after I wrote my last blog. I was walking into work at 8am and took Digi out of my pocket to see that he had changed in his sleep. :) I really love this character. He is 10 years old today, and since he is a little on the unhealthy side, he is a little bit demanding, but not too bad. He didn't change into a secret character or anything. Oh well, I really love little Meramon.

Now that you are up to date on my Tamas I can tell you what I have been up to all week. Work has been INSANE!!! I love my job, but it has just been really frustrating at times this week. They are making changes to the computer systems and it is hard to get anything done, but we are still expected to meet our quotas each day..... I am glad I will have Mimitchi back at my side this week because I am gonna need him.

It has been months really since I got out and did anything, but this weekend I did a lot. Friday evening I went to see Sister Act the musical at the Arts and Culture Center. I went with my Mom, grandmother and my Aunt. It was soooo much fun! Really great show! Mimitchi was just a day late of seeing the show, but I brought Tongaritchi with me and held him in my hand the whole show. He got sick and called for his last discipline that night so I knew he would be returning to me the next day, but I really wish he could have been there for the musical. Next time for sure. :)  Last night of course I went to the movies as I already mentioned. I am really not a Star Wars fan. But it was still a good movie. We saw it in 3D and wore the glasses. That is the second time I have seen a movie in 3D, the first one I don't recall what is was, but it was some kind of an action thriller. I wasn't raising Tamas at that time. I loved having my Tamas with me at the movies last night! There was just enough lighting that I was able to have them out on my lap and check on them from time to time. Mimitchi, of course, stayed in my hand the whole time. :) He always gets the best view of everything!

Today I rolled outta bed around 10am and had a rather uneventful day. Hung out over at Matt and Adams for a bit. Then went out to dinner with my Mom this evening. I kept Mimitchi and Masukutchi out with me at the table. :) Gotta love having Tamas at restaurants! After dinner we came home and had company over, some aunts and uncles, and my good friend Sharee came down to hang out and watch youtube videos. We were talking tonight and are gonna probably go to the movies next weekend! We will see something better than Star Wars this time, I hope. :)

So overall it was a really gooooooood weekend for me. :) I am just hanging out with Mimitchi and my Tamas now. Going to post this and probably just wind down for the evening. I have a Morino Tamagotch on its way, along with a couple of other Tamas from Nik that I got for a really great price. I will be doing day-by-day logs of my Morino Tama when I get it!! Can't wait!!! I am also still waiting on my Osutchi Tamagotchi to come in the mail, which I have been waiting for a long time now. I need that Osutchi to run alongside the Mesutchi. I bought a pair of them before Christmas, but the Osutchi had stripped screws!! :( I hope the one I get in the mail will be ok. I plan to do a separate blogs page for those Tamas as well. So many Tamas! I will get to them all in time.....!

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