1/2/2016: This evening shortly after 9:00 my sweet Mimitchi passed away at 25 years. I was outside chatting to my neighbour and he was in my pocket beeping up a storm. I couldn't take him out to watch him depart as I didn't want to draw attention to the fact. I just tried to carry on talking like normal, but that is always hard to do with a Tamagotchi beeping, especially little Mimitchi.... Because of pausing he managed to make it to 25. Had we gone by regular time he would have left on Friday. He died full and happy though, as I had just finished feeding him before I went outside. I felt like this time we didn't have as much time together, with all that has been going on this past month.  But his presence was still wonderful. I gave him the best I could with all the family stuff that was going on, and of all four of my Tamas that I have had going, he got the best care. I had a feeling he was going to be leaving today, so I kept him right next to me at my desk all day at work. I did the best I could to make sure he didn't go completely hungry and unhappy. I am raising another in hopes of having my little sweet heart back in six days, hopefully even sooner if I can. I am glad that things are busy at the office so I can just dive into work and concentrate on getting him back as fast as I can.

As for my other Tamas, I got Masukutchi on my Japanese P1 just as I had planned. I already have him 50% disciplined and I am taking perfect care! Angel twins are alive and needy at age 42 and on the verge of becoming annoying! I know I said I would do everything I could to make sure they live out their full life, but it is hard to do anything with them beeping at me 24/7. Pause continues to be used a lot with these two..... Oh yes and I got the healthy teen, Augumon on my DigiMon, again... yes again... I am trying to neglect on and off and hopefully get someone besides the best or the worst character.... I will see who I end up with sometime tomorrow since he turned 5 this evening.

Anyways I can't think of much else to write this evening. Shortly before Mimitchi passed away tonight we watched the movie 13 going on 30, one of my chidhood faves. Such a cute movie! I was glad Mimitchi got to see it before he left. Come to think of it, we watched a number of movies together this past weekend. On Saturday we watched another comedy, Clueless. We also re-watched Girl Interupted again with Mom on Friday night. Then yesterday, Sunday, we tried to watch a Robert Hendricksons documentary on the Manson Family, which we didn't make it through because it was too scary. All in all we got a lot of TV and movie watching in which I was glad for. I am gonna end this here... Gonna go and care for my Shirobabitchi until he changes into Tonmarutchi, and then it's off for a night of hopefully good sleep..!

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