28/1/2016: Well things have happened and I have had some changes happen. Although you are probably thinking that a certain set of twins have departed, nope - Angel is still with me today at age 38. With pausing I would say it is more like 28 - I have paused A LOT! In the last half hour alone the twins have asked to be praised four times! It is hard not to pause them, but I am going to keep them alive for as long as I can.

Also with me is a newly hatched DigiMon which I started last night, my dark blue/grey one. He is a Koromon and sleeping at the moment. He is 1 year old and weighs 10lbs. Lets hope I get a new adult this time. :)

At about 6:45 this evening I heard a changing tune and my Japanese Tama changed into Tamatchi! Gonna do my best to get the secret character this time! I don't see why I can't get him when I had no issues getting them on my US Tamas!

Mimitchi is doing well. My sweetie is 21 years old and was sick yesterday. He has about four or five days left before he leaves me again. sigh sigh. It is never easy when he leaves, but I will just get him back again. I will make the most of the time I have left with him for now....! We have been cuddling in bed watching the movie Girl Interupted this evening. Love that movie!! It makes me laugh, makes me cry. It is just a wonderful watch. Glad Mimitchi is here to enjoy it with me. :)

Unfortuneatly I have beeen really busy at work, and a lot has been going on there which I won't go into much detail. It has just been stressful is all.  I am not good with conflict at all, and I tend to agree with whatever people say which always gets me into trouble. :( I would love to be able to just go into work and do my job without all the other crap that goes on, but I guess that is just life in general. There is always something or someone that will cause trouble. Heck somedays I am the one who causes trouble.  It is just stressful..... I wanna keep a low profile from now on..... But that is easier said than done. Anwways Mimitchi and I are outta here to finish our movie! Good night Tama lovers.

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