26/1/2016: Well in celebration of the end of a work day, a Tamagotchi died hehe! Masukutchi departed from me this afternoon at age 18. Poor guy was so demanding. He may have lived longer had I taken better care of him, but I have been preoccupied with my Angel twins, not to mention really busy days at work. It has just been a busy month..!

Beleive it or not, nobody else besides Masukutchi has died today. Angel twins are 36 today! Though with pausing I think they are more like 26 - which is still really old for a Tama. Mimitchi is 19 today but has yet to get his 18 year sickness... I have been pausing my little sweetie on and off to make sure he can stay a little longer. :)

Sorry for the obvious shortness of blogs lately. This is due to having so few Tamas running. I restarted my Japanese Tama at 6pm and now have Marutchi floating about. :) I am gonna try for the secret character again. Once Angel leaves I plan to hatch my other Japanese Tama - the P2. I can't wait to see what the secret characters are like on the Japanese Tamas. I just have to get Hashizotchi and Kutchipatchi and then I will have gotten them all on the US P1/P2 Tamas. :)

Oh yeah I am still waiting on Morino Tamagotch to come in the mail! I have the page ready to write blogs, but that too will have to wait until Angel leaves... When that will be I have no idea. Oh well, I love my Tamas, just wish Angel wasn't so needy. :P

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