23/1/2016: Shortly after going to bed on Thursday evening, my DigiMon, Greymon departed at the age of 20. I find it strange how DigiMon's change stages and die in their sleep... I have never heard or seen of any other Tamas that do this, but I guess Digi has a lot of mystery to it.  I had debated about hatching another DigiMon, but I am just so worn out from my angel twins. They are really giving me a run for my money at their old age of 33. And they don't seem to have any plans of leaving yet!

So since the death of my DigiMon I am down to three Tamas running. Feels strange to have such a small group, but Angel makes it feel like I am caring for ten Tamas again like I did in the fall. Mimitchi and Masukutchi are rather on the demanding side as well, but nothing like Futagotenshi. Mimitchi is 16 and Masukutchi is 15. I didn't get the secret character like I wanted, but that is alright, another time.... I have actually been pausing sweet Mimitchi for a few hours each day so he will stay around longer.. And then I keep him up with me until it is time for me to go to bed. :) It is much better this way. I am able to spend more time with him.

So that pretty much tells you what my Tamagotchi situation is. What are my plans when it comes to hatching more Tamas? I really can't say because of Angel. However, I do have a Morino Tamagotch on the way in the mail, and I also have a Japanese Gen2 that I am dying to hatch. :) I will get to all of these once Angel departs. I just don't know when that will be. Twins just prayed again, excuse me while I care for them....

Well I gotta jet! I got family coming over for dinner tonight and myself and Mom have a lot of cooking to do. I also wanted to get out for a walk as I am quite lacking in excercise lately. I need to get myself an Aurogotch (I think that is how you spell it) to keep track of my steps. :) Must keep more active!!!

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