19/1/2016: The past five days have been incredibly busy with family matters, so I have been pretty tired at the end of my days. I was only dealing with this stuff 8 weeks ago and now it is happening again. My uncle, moms brother, passed away very suddenly last Wednesday, so there are a lot of emotions and triggers from when I lost my Dad just recently.

Tamagotchi wise I am quite exhausted. I haven't written that many blogs due to family stuff, and also because not a lot has happened with my Tamas. I can't hatch anything else due to the group I have going at the time being. As I type this, one of my four Tamas just beeped at me. You know I am having a hard time when I am only caring for four Tamas and one of them beeps.

My Futagotenshi is 29 years old today, but I will tell you that age is very artificial due to the fact that I have to pause them for several hours a day. I have taken care of 10 Tamagotchi at once and even they didn't exhaust me as much as this group of four. My twins are the main source of the problem. They don't go five minutes without needing attention.  They either need praise and poop, take a walk and need to be called back, or beep with completely empty hearts. I don't go five minutes without them beeping so you can imagine why I have opted to pause them so much. They have been this way for a good week or more now.

DigiMon wise, I am down to one Greymon now. Yesterday morning I woke up to a very unfarmiliar beeping noise, and it was my brown/black Digi departing at age 15. I had never heard the beeping of a DigiMon departing before as my first two Digi's had the sound turned off when they died. The beeps actually changed pitch a number of times, getting higher and lower. There really isn't much to the death sequence, it lasted all of 45 seconds, and then my little Greymon laid me an egg and a computer screen with the age 15 was left on the screen. Really nothing all that special. This leaves my one lone Greymon with me who will be 18 as of tonight, with a 63% victories percentage. I noticed today that he was getting a little on the demanding side, but not too bad. My other Greymon wasn't needy at all, so why he died is a mystery to me.

Masukutchi on my Japanese Tamagotch was sick today at age 11 and his final discipline given to him. I am unsure of if I will get the Japanese secret character or not. I did my best to take perfect care, but I have been busy caring for my Twins and dealing with real life stuff. I have been pausing Mimitchi quite a bit to extend his life a little further like I did the last time. I was really glad to have him with me over the past week. He is just the sweetest and most comofrting little Tama anyone could ever have.

I bought a brand new Morino Tamagotch on eBay last night, the Forest Tam! I cannot wait to get this one. I will be doing blogs about that Tama specifically when I get it. :) I already have a layout in mind for the blog page. More to come on that next month probably.

I have to try and go back to work tomorrow..... Kinda nervous about that. Once again I have to try and get back into my normal routine again. I was doing so well.... :( And then this all happened. I just hope things don't get any worse. Glad I have Mimitchi to hold onto.....

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