15/1/2016: How crazy, my 50th blog! I was very busy with work for the first half of this week. And now I am in the midst of family stuff again....! It has not been easy since we got some bad news on Wednesday night about a member in my family.... I will be off work again until further notice.

I've had my hands full with my Tamas. But on Wednesday afternoon before I left work I got Mimitchi back! I have my sweetie back again, and I couldn't be happier about that. Missed him so much. He is doing very well at his young age of 8 years and 32lbs. I need him always in my life, and more than ever these last two months.

Then of course Tama Angel... Futagotenshi... the twins.... Oh boy... They are horribly needy at age 25. They don't go ten minutes without needing SOMETHING!! It is really hard to take care of them, and I have found myself pausing them a lot during the past week. I hate pausing my Tamas, but I just had to with Angel. I have never had such a demanding Tama in my life.

This morning I was relaxing in bed with my Tamas laid out next to me and I heard the shimmery sound. I picked up my Japanese Tama and watched in wait, and I got who I wanted, Masukutchi. Next off... Secret character. :)

My two Digi Greymons are quite easy to care for at age 13, soon to be 14 later this evening. I have been battling them several times a day, and my blue Greymon still holds a higher victory percentage of 64%, while my brown Greymon is at 33%. I am rather fascinated with my Digi's, and I look forward to getting new characters in the future. I was surprised when one of them didn't change into a seceret character, but that is alright. I will definitely be hatching at least one Digi when these two depart on me, just so I can try for a new character. :)

Well I gotta end this blog here...! Very busy with everything going on, and I gotta head out to the airport with Mom to pick up more relatives. I have been having a real hard time sleeping the last two nights so I took a nap for an hour this afternoon, and then decided to write here because if I didn't get to it now I may not have the chance for another couple of days. Nonetheless I will do my best to do an update on my Tamas as soon as possible.

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