12/1/2016: It has been two days since since I wrote a blog, and I had a death on each of those days. The first was yesterday - Sabotenshi on my Japanese Angelgotch passed away at 15. I was sad to see him go... He was such a cute little guy, and he hardly ever needed attention. I will miss him for sure! The death sequence is a little different on the Japanese Angel. Instead of a sky of sparkling stars, the word 'Thanks' appears on the death screen, and the only option from there is to hit A and C to reset. You can't scroll over to see the age of your character on the US or Japanese Angels. I put the tab back in my Angelgotch because I really have my hands full right now with my 22 year old twin angels.

The next departure was this morning, not five minutes after Zatchi woke up, he died at age 28. I was just getting ready to go out the door when he began to beep. I stood and watched as he laid me an egg and disapeared in his space ship.....! I miss him already. Zatchi is a really lovebale character.

On a positive note, Tongaritchi asked for his last discipline and got sick this evening, so I should have Mimitchi back with me tomorrow! I cannot wait to see him!!! I am keeping him up with me until I go to bed so he will change faster. Also, my Japanese Tamagotchi grew legs and became Tamatchi this morning. Hopefully I will get Masukutchi and be able to get the secret character!!!

Things have been so hectic with my twin angels that my DigiMons have gotten neglected. Neither of them changed into secret characters, and I wasn't surprised. So I guess they will just live their lives out as Greymons. I have continued to battle them each day, and my blue Digi wins most of the time with a 64% victory percentage. My brown one has a 34% victory percentage. I really want to see some new characters on Digi.... It seems hard to get anything but the best and the worst characters....

I gotta make this blog short tonight.. I have a few things I need to get finished before I go to bed for the night, and up early for work in the morning. Glad I will (hopefully) have Mimitchi back tomorrow. :)

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