10/1/2016: Well back into another work week tomorrow, and my anxiety is beginning to flare up again. At least my Tamas are able to offer some comfort, as well as my family and friends...!

On a positive note, my Mimitchi-To-Be Tama (yellow/blue) asked for his last discipline and grew legs this evening while I was hanging out with Sharee. I can't wait to have Mimitchi back, which will hopefully happen by midweek! The time seems to go by so slow when I am waiting for him to come back....! I wish that the time could slow down a certain Angel Tama of mine.... Hehehe. Speaking of which, my Angel twins are 20 years old today and they don't seem to have any plans of leaving yet. They pray for me and need praise about every 20-30 minutes, and they drop hearts even faster.  And since I have to play the game with Angel to make the happy hearts full, I find myself neglecting my other Tamas a little.... It is hard, but I am not going to give up on Angel. I want to see how long they will stick around for!

I was chatting to Kat and she has some Tama cases for sale, as well as some more Tamas. I got her to set aside a pink hard case for me, and a white/pink/yellow swirls P2 Tama! I will never say no to new Tamas, especially if they are ones that I don't have! :)

Last night I was chatting with Shawn and decided to hatch my new Japanese Tama! I told him that he had to hatch four more so that he would have seven going like I do, hehehehe. He wouldn't agree to it and I told him he was lazy... :P Anyways this is my first hatching of my Japanese Gen1 Tama, he was hatched at 11:10. I am going for Masukutchi as I want the Japanese secret character. :)

My cactus Angel is 14 today and starting to drop hearts a little more frequently. Last night I am not sure if I just forgot to play the game with him after I fed him, but all of his happy hearts emptied out and I thought he was becoming really demanding, but I think it was just my imagination because he is back to being fairly easy to care for today. I priased him earlier for the first time in what felt like forever! Really is is very easy to care for, especially when I compare him with my angel twins. :-P Zatchi is 26 years old today and soooooooo demanding! I know he doesn't have long left.....

I spent a lot of today with Matthew, actually I spent the majority of it with him right from the time I got up and ready.  Then after supper, I came home and Sharee came down to the house to hang out and watch TV. Now the house is quiet, and myself and Mom are getting ready for our work days tomorrow. I hope it is a good week.....! I am feeling kinda anxious about it right now.... Mimitchi can't come back soon enough!

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