8/1/2016: Well I have reached the end of my work week, and I can finally say that I have had an all around good week, both at work and at home. :) I am rather content and it feels nice. I have had such a hard couple of months, so it felt good to be able to say that I was good for a full week, especially since work has been so busy. However, I lost a special little long eared someone this evening....!

Tonight at 6:18pm the dreaded beeping occured and my little Mimitchi departed at the age of 25. This was one of my longer living Mimitchi's, and for once time actually seemed to go slow. I had this one with me since December 15th, which was when I had just started getting sick all the time. This Mimitchi saw me through a lot of stuff.... And I am glad he was there with me for it. I guess he felt comfortable leaving today since I have been doing so much better this week. Nonetheless, I hatched the egg he left me at 6:20 and I am raising my Tonmarutchi to get Mimitchi back. This shall be my ninth time hatching my yellow/blue Tama, and only once have I messed up and had to reset him. So this will be my 8th Mimitchi on this Tama. Hard to beleive that I have raised him this many times since August. In fact tomorrow it will be five months since I got back into Tamagotchi again.... My first Mimitchi of 2015 being hatched on August 9th. It is crazy how time flies..... Anyways I have my Tonmarutchi staying up late with me tonight and he is already 25% disciplined! I am 1/6th of a discipline closer to getting back my sweetie!!! :)

Zatchi the Alien was sick yesterday and has become soooo demanding at his 24 years. I finally had to cave today and started feeding him snacks for happiness....! I wish it was that easy to make my Futagotenshi twins happy. They have become even more demanding now at their ripe age of 18! They ask to be praised about once every half hour now - their AP is maxed out at 90, and they need food and playing with just as much as my demanding Zatchi. The only saving grace is that if I win 4/4 on the shooting stars game, it fills up two hearts, but sometimes it is hard to get 4/4 so I end up having to play the game A LOT!!! I have no idea how long they will stick around for, but pause has been used quite a bit at work the last two days.

On the other hand, Sabotenshi the cactus Angel is the complete opposite. I don't even think I have had to so much as praise him once, and he only drops one heart every hour or so, possibly even longer. He is so easy to care for and he is already 12. Futagotenshi started to become demanding at 10! SO I really don't know what to think about the Angel Tamas and their life cycle.

My two DigiMons are still Greymon, and the tables have turned with their battling - blue/grey Digi has caught up to the brown/black one and has a 62% victory percentage, while the other has gone down to a 36% victory percentage. I will be interested to see how things go with them in the coming days. There is really no ryme or reason to the way that they battle, it all seems to be a game of chance.

It is only a little after 10:30pm here now, but I am really tired so I don't know how much longer I am going to be up.  I think I will try and get an early nights sleep tonight and try to get up at a decent hour tomorrow. :) Of course I could end up staying up for another two or three hours if I get a second wind of energy.... But I would much prefer to be up early tomorrow morning so I can care for my Tamas and enjoy my Saturday. :)

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