3/1/2016: Well I gotta make this short because I am back to work tomorrow and I gotta get to bed at a decent hour tonight! The weekend was pretty good, though! I spent a lot of time cleaning yesterday, and I also hung out over to Matts a good bit. Tonight was fun too! My friend Sharee came down and we watched the movie Nine to Five. One of my all time favorites! I was glad that Mimitchi got to enjoy it with us. :)

So as I mentioned in my last blog, I finally got someone different on my Angel Tama, my Japanese one - Taraten. I took perfect care of him once he changed into his adult form in hopes of getting a secret character, and I got one. :) Yesterday while I was driving to the grocery store I could hear my Angel changing, and when I parked the car I picked him up to see he had become a cute little cactus! This characters name is Sabotenshi! He is co cute!!!!!!!! I love him so much. He does the same animation for everything, but I don't care, he is so adorable - not to mention easy to care for.

I also have my Futagotenshi twins alive and well with me at the age of 13! They are doing pretty good, but they are a little more demanding than Sabotenshi.

On another note, my DigiMons both changed into the good teen of Augumon this afternoon while I was out.  Well actually my blue/gray Digi changed first, and then an hour later my brown/black one changed. I still have no idea why they are out of sync with eachother since they were hatched at the same time. Very strange indeed. Anyways I am hoping for new adults on these guys so I am taking a little less perfect care of one than the other. Hard to determine who I will end up with when there is no discipline factor involved with the DigiMons.

My sweet Zatchi emptied out his hearts this afternoon when I dozed off for an hour. I guess he too has reached the more demanding phase of life at 19, but he isn't nearly as needy as Mimitch is at age 20. I have been pausing Mimitchi here and there to keep him around. I want him to stay around a bit longer this time.... I need him in my life. I would love for him to live as long as Zatchi! :)

Another work week to take on.... This will be the first full week of work I have had in a really long time it feels like.  At least I hope I will be in for a full week.... I missed so much time at the end of 2015 it wasn't even funny. I hope that this year will be better health wise. My body and my job cannot afford anymore sickness. Lets hope for a happy and healthy 2016 for all of us, and of course sweet Mimitchi and my other Tamas. :)

Oh I forgot to mention that I have two brand new Japanese P1 Tamas that I bought off eBay! One is solid white with black buttons, and the other one is white with purple border and pink and purple swirls on the shell. Really gorgeous Tamas! I will be hatching these very soon so I can get the Japanese secret character. I also have several Japanese P2s, one of which is navy blue with a Mimitchi on top. :) Gotta love it!!!!

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