1/1/2016: Well as I suspected, I was in bed exactly ten minutes after the new year hit. I rang in the new year with my Mom and Tamas and we had Laura and Donald on speaker phone.  It was my kinda night for sure. :) I ended up putting my Tamas to bed and sleeping till 10:30 this morning which was just what I needed. I find I have been sleeping as much as I can lately....  I enjoy getting the extra rest.

Anyways I decided I couldn't let New Years Day pass without hatching a Tama, so I decided to hatch two DigiMons this evening at 6:50pm. I hatched my blue/grey and brown/black Digi's at the same time! Funnily enough my brown/black Digi changed into a Koromon at 7:47 and promptly went to sleep, whereas my blue/grey one never changed until 7:52. I am not sure why they changed five minutes apart when they were both hatched at the exact same time...... I have never had this happen before with a P1/P2 Tama, and I would know this because I have hatched two Tamas at the exact same time before. No less my two Koromons are sleeping soundly now.  I was talking to Shawn about my two Digi's, and he pointed out that I have raised two DigiMon before these ones and I got the best and worst characters on each one.  This brings me to wonder whom I will get this time? I am hoping for something in the middle, and it looks like there are quite a few adults and secret characters on the DigiMon. I look forward to seeing what I get this time. :)

Mimitchi Tama was sick today at 18.... Kinda sad that he will be leaving me again soon. But I may pause him a little so I can extend his life a little further. My alien Zatchi was also sick today, at age 17 no less. He is still really easy to care for tho and should be around for another week or more. I really love that little guy. :) All the while I have been taking perfect care of Taraten on my Japanese Angelgotchi in hopes that he will change into one of the secret characters. My twins on the yellow Angel are 11 today and very easy to care for still - I praised them just a few minutes ago. I still have no idea how long they will live this time!

It is hard to beleive that it was Christmas Day just a week ago.... I plan to keep things simple this coming year. I have been hearing people talk about all of these big plans that they have, and New Years resolutions, but my main concern is just doing the best I can to look after myself and getting healthier. I have always taken my health for granted and I don't think I take the best care of myself sometimes. So I am not really making a new years resolution, but I do want to feel better both mentally and physically this year and every year after this. I am glad I have this webpage as an outlet to talk about what is going on in my mind. It is a therapy in itself, this site is and my Tamas. :)

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