27/12/2016: This blog is mostly about my Christmas and what's been going on in my life, so if you aren't interested in hearing about that, this would be a good blog to skip. :)

Needless to say, I will be talking about my Tamas in this blog a little, since they were there with me for everything. I choose to have them with me for every moment I am awake so yeah. Well I worked all week leading up to Christmas but it really wasn't bad. It was a great week at work and it went fast too! I got all my shopping done the week before last so there was no stress about that. Got all the family taken care of, most importantly my Mom. :)

On Friday the 23rd I had work and I knew that it was gonna be really hard to get anything done that day because of the excitement of the holidays coming. When I'm gonna get five days off in a row I am usually pretty excited. Well Friday went off without a hitch, and a bunch of us from work ended up going out for lunch. I drove us all there and we got served really fast. We went to the Guvenors Pub and it was great! And then we ended up getting off work a bit early so that was great too!  I went over to Matt's place right after and had a little nap and then he made us tuna melts for dinner. :) They were delicious as usual.

That night didn't do much except laze around the house. I left Matt's shortly after dinner because the weather was nasty and I didn't want to risk getting stuck in bad weather. So I got home and into my pjs and hung out with my Tamas and Furbies for the evening. We ended up watching Make the Yuletide Gay, one of my very fave Christmas movies. The innuendos in that movie are too much, kill me everytime. :)

The next day was Christmas Eve and boy was that a busy day. Got out of bed around 9:00 that morning and got ready to head over to Matt's place. I hung out over there while I waited for him to get ready and then we both headed over to my cousin Laura's house to spend the afternoon. That was a lot of fun. :) Laura actually had to go go out and run some errands so Matt and I stayed with Donald and played hide and seek with him all afternoon.  Donald is just the sweetest little thing in the world to me. I love him so dearly. Laura got back after an hour or two and then we headed back to my house to see some visitors. We didn't have long to stay at my place because we had plans to catch an early movie. We went to see Star Wars Rogue One with Adam, Matt's roommate. I didn't care much for the movie, but it might be a nice tradition from here on out to go and see a movie Christmas Eve. Spice life up a little during the holidays, why not? :)

After the movie was over I was tired. Oh yes I kept Mimitchi awake for the whole movie. I held him in my hand the entire time and cared for him when the screen was bright enough to see him. He was really easy to care for during the movie tho seeing how he is only a youngin' ;)

So after the movie even though I was really tired, I decided to go over to my Aunts house where my Mom and Grandmother were spending some time. I didn't last long over there because I was really tired and needed to get home. I had every intention of going right to bed the moment I got home, but my anxiety kept me up pretty late that night sadly. But I did eventually get to sleep.

Christmas morning came fast and I had to be up and on the go for 9:00 to be over at Laura's place to exchange our gifts and most of all to see Donald open his gifts. It was wonderful to see the little sweetie opening all of his presents. :) He had a wonderful morning and said it was the best Christmas he ever had. :) So that made my day. Laura cooked up a gorgeous brunch for all of us after the presents were opened and we all ate in the dinning room. It was a great morning for sure.

After we had our food and were stuffed full, Mom and I had to take off because we needed to get back to the house and put the turkey on. I dropped Mom home and then went over to Matt's place to relax and see him. I actually almost fell asleep in his room because I was just so tired from all the running around I'd been doing over the previous two days. It was good to relax over to his place. I cared for my Tamas and just had some well needed down time. :) But we weren't able to get too comfy because then we had to get back to my house for Christmas dinner with the family. At Christmas dinner was my Mom, Aunt Eileen, my Grandma, great uncle Fonce, my aunt Rose and Georgina, and of course Matt! I spent most of the evening helping out in the kitchen and keeping things organized and clean. I had Mimitchi in my cardigan pocket the whole time so he was part of all the activity. I went back and forth into my room all night and checked on my other Tamas.

I got a lot of great things for Christmas this year. I got some lovely clothes, an awesome set of speakers that light up and splash water and colors to the beat of the music (from my cousin and her girlfriend), a french coffee press, money, candy & chocolate, gift cards, and several other things that I just can't seem to remember at the moment. Nothing Tama related other than the fact that they were there with me for all of the things that went on. :)

By the time that I got everything cleaned up with the help of my Mom and Matt it was time for everyone to go.  My aunt brought my Grandma and uncle home, and my other two Aunts left on their own.  Mom and I drove Matt home and then we came home to a quiet and clean house. :) And then bed soon followed for us both.

Yesterday was boxing day and in the past that has always been much more relaxing for me than Christmas Eve/Day so it was nice to have no set plans or destinations. I hung out at Matt's all morning and afternoon, and his good friend China stopped by and spent time with us. It was really nice to see her. After that Matt and I just came over here as he really needed to get some laundry done, and then our friend Hannah, Maria, and Jenny stopped over to hang out for the evening.

Today got up around 10:00 and got ready right away. I took off with Mom and Eileen to go to the mall for some shopping and to catch an early noon movie. We went to see Office Christmas Party and it was great! Mimitchi got to enjoy this movie as well and was clutched in my hand the whole time. :) I kept my other Tamas in my coat pocket during the movie, and both Digi's beeped for attention at the very end of the show. Mesu and Osu got sick and changed right after we got out of the movie. They are adults now, Gen2 ones I might add. :)

After the movie was over the weather started getting messy so I just headed over to Matts for a little while till it was finally too stormy to stay there any longer. I got home just a few minutes ago, safe and sound with my Tamas. :)

SO yes, it has been quite an eventful Christmas and now I still have two days left off before I have to go back to work on Thursday. Then I will work those two day and be off for another 3 days for New Years. I will definitely be keeping things simple that weekend as I've never been a big fan of New Years. But who knows maybe I will end up going out with some people to celebrate. The sky is the limit and I get to choose how I will spend my holidays. :) Just glad to have all the really *busy* times out of the way now. :)

So yeah as I said at the beginning of this blog, it has been very little about Tamagotchi and more about what's been going on. But I have had Mimitchi, Darkmon, Greymon, and Osu & Mesu with me for all of it so that made things even more enjoyable for me. :) I made sure to have them around for as much as I could of what was going on. :)

That be all for now, though.. I hope that all my other online friends had a lovely holiday season and got to spend some quality time with their loved ones. :) Merry Christmas everyone. :)

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