19/12/2016: Life has been busy, but also really good. :) I got an excellent report at work on Friday and I've just been really happy and proud ever since. What a great start to my weekend that was. I went back to work this morning feeling refreshed and safe in my job. I have a whole new outlook on my job now. I've always been very content in my job, but lately I felt that I didn't have security in my position. Well... That couldn't be more false, and I will continue to do my best at work.

Also good news with Tamas! I've had many changes since the last time I wrote. The first Tama in question was none other than my Osutchi whom I wrote about last night in the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs. I got a new adult that I'd not had before so that was pretty cool! Then this afternoon I got Pipotchi back on Mesu so tomorrow they will both be ready to mate. Can't wait to see what Babitchi they produce together!

Next off, I got Mimitchi back today at age 7! He returned to me just shortly before 6:30 this evening. Normally I would have gotten him back earlier than age 7, but I paused him some to ensure that I didn't miss any disciplines. He got sick last night just before I went to bed so I went to bed knowing he would be back today. I got him back just in time for Christmas. :) And now he will be around to enjoy the festivities this week leading up to Christmas so it really worked out great.

Since I last wrote my DigiMon has become an adult. He actually changed this afternoon while I was at work. I ended up getting Greymon again which I wasn't totally disappointed with, but not totally delighted either. I've had this guy before a number of times, but I do like him.  Matthew hatched my clear black DigiMon with me on the 14th, but silly old guy left his Digi here on Saturday night. He had the unhealthy teen and was taking awful care of him. Well I took over caring for the little guy after that, and this evening he changed into Darkmon in his sleep. So I will have two little Digi's to care for now. I'm not so sure I want to give Matt back his Darkmon that I raised. :P Not great parenting to leave a Tama child at someone elses house. :P Matt has always ended up with Numemon in the past, with the exception of his first Digi whom he got Darkmon on, which then became Metal Greymon. He was quite proud of that first Digi he raised but forever after always got Numemon.  Well I saved his Digi this time and I hope he is grateful. Okay enough of me on my soap box now.

I need to update the Mesu & Osu blogs tomorrow after I mate them. Was going to update in there tonight on how I got Pipotchi back, but I will do that all in the one entry tomorrow.

Kinda short blog this time around. I gotta get ready for bed and then up early for another work day. I will probably end up posting a blog this weekend, and if not then it will be in the days following as I have off work until Thursday of next week. Going to be a busy time Christmas, and hopefully a lot more enjoyable than last years. :)

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