14/12/2016: Yet again it's been a week or so since I've written a blog. I was also sick with a cold so that kept me from my computer for a couple of days. Just seems like sickness and stress (well more stress for me) is par for the course in December. It happens most years for me, so I guess I can't say I didn't expect it to happen. :P I've just been trying my best to stay well and make it to work. It's hard some days but I will manage. :)

I have the template for the 2017 Tama blogs setup for the new year. New Year, new archive. :) Hard to believe that another year has passed almost! I hope to have another great year with regard to Tamagotchi and this website.

Anyways I've been updating my Mesu and Osu blogs most days, so as usual you can check out that page for more on them. I did have a death of my white/blue Osutchi which I was pretty sad over. And THEN my blue Osutchi somehow, some way reset on me. I was pretty bummed out that night.... More about that over on that page tho. I did restart that blue Osu as I'm not ready to give up on those guys yet. I do love Osu and Mesu... :)

As for Mimitchi, he passed away last night at the age of 47. I had him with me since the 28th of October, lots of time together, and also lots of pausing. He passed away at 9:30 just an hour or so before I was to go to bed. I hatched my yellow&blue Tama within minutes of his departure and took care of my baby until he changed. Then I went to bed. I will be taking my time raising Mimitchi as life is busy right now, but as long as I have him back in time for Christmas I will be happy. I have Tonmarutchi with 50% discipline! Whenever I feel like I might be busy I plan to pause him so I don't miss any disciplines. ;) Can never be too careful, especially this close to the holidays.

Tonight after two weeks of persuading Matt, we hatched a DigiMon together. I promised Matt that if he gets Numemon again that he never has to raise another Digi with me again!... but I may have lied a little, hehehe. :P Either way I'm hoping to get anything I haven't gotten before. I hatched my newest DigiMon that I bought a couple of months ago. It's gray with brown border and buttons. Man the colors Bandai chose were ugly, but ah well. I like DigiMon! My little Kormon is sleeping soundly at the moment.

While I was home sick this past weekend I got to thinking about a new page design for my future pages. I wanna try borders on my webpages to make things look a little more glam. :) I have kept this website very basic in the one year I've been working on it so I'd like to learn more. Kat was giving me a ton of pointers about HTML and the use of tables the other night so I expect to put that to good use when I write my Devilgotch page after Christmas. Not sure how successful I will be with it but hey I'm gonna try! ;)

Oh I nearly forgot to mention that I got back in touch with another online friend of mine from years ago, a Tama friend. :) Her name is Elana and we used to chat every day, sometimes all day. Well we talked as much as Shawn and I chat in the run of a day. I still have a lot of catching up to do with Elana and if I have my way I think I might convince her to hatch something with me. Hehehe. She doesn't know it yet, but I will be givning her little nudges to *hatch*!! squeeeee!!!!

Ok I'm being weird now.... I need to stop peer pressuring people. Hi Kat!! Did you post your log yet? :) Ok done now.... :.)

I am nowhere near ready for Christmas but I am gonna try to make the best of it. Gotta get some last minute shopping done with my Mom and Aunt Eileen. Then this weekend Matt's celebrating his birthday so there will be a party over there on Friday night, and dinner out to Quintanas on Saturday night. My Friend Hannah is going to be coming home for the holidays this weekend so I am really excited to see her. :) She will be there for dinner Saturday and possibly my friend Maria as well. So I will be very busy starting now right up to Christmas. I just hope and pray that I can get over this cold and not get anything else for a very long time.

My next blog post should be sooner than later as I'm sure I will have lots to talk about after this weekend is over. For now I am off to get ready for work tomorrow and then a Christmas movie in bed with my Tamas and Furbies.

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