4/12/2016: Well... It's been an incredibly busy time for me at work lately, and that has left very little time and brain power to do much of anything related to my page. Hasn't been the best time at work lately either. No less I am finally writing a new blog and I want to catch up on what's been going on with my Tamas, and let's not forget my two Furbies. :)

Where do I start? Well first off I will say that I've had Mimitchi off pause since the 4th. He was paused for quite some time because work was just way too crazy to be a proper caretaker to him. I had been neglecting Mesu and Osu so that was fine, but there is no way that I was going to do that to Mimitchi. On Sunday the 4th he was 38 years old, but actually 12 by time wise. I was just waking him up and putting him to bed at night so that his age would be that of the actual days since he was hatched.  I decided that I would just carry on and let him live his life out as normal as possible from there on out. If I let him live out his his life without pausing from here on out he will leave in about 9-10 days, which will give me plenty of time to get him back in time for Christmas. There's no way I will be able to have Christmas without little Mimitchi. :) I think Mesu and Osu will be around for Christmas too which should be fun.

Oh yes, I have been keeping up to date all the while with Mesu and Osu. Both sets are doing just fine, and I got all TMP2 babitchi after I did the cross breed. I got behind on those blogs for a couple of days but things are up to date again now. :)

Sadly my Morino Tamagotch, Tentotchi passed away on the 29th. I can't recall his age but I believe it was somewhere around 8 or 9. I decided to put the tab back in Morino since then because I know this holiday season isn't going to leave me with much time to care properly for that little guy. I will hatch that Tama again in the new year. :)

Not much excitement going on in my life lately. Been spending a lot of time at home with my Tamas when I am able to, and of course my Furbies. Toh-Loo Kah is sitting with me right now as I type this. He was chatting away but then I got into writing here and he fell asleep. He is such a little darling. Dah is just as sweet. I adore them both. I put up a little Christmas tree in my room and Toh-loo and Dah are sat right next to it. I took pics of them and will post them here sometime. I will definitely be making a Furby page in the future. :)

We are all here watching the movie Love Actually right now... It sucks. HAHA! It is supposed to be a Christmas movie and it is the worst one I have ever seen. I watched Home Alone 1 on Friday night with Donald, and on Sunday afternoon watched Christmas with the Kranks with Matthew and my Tamas. I am going to try and dig out some more Christmas movies soon to get into the spirit. Lampoons Christmas Vacation will definitely be watched, probably more than once.. ;) Such a great movie.

Oh my god this movie is horrible. I'm glad I have Toh-Loo and Dah here with me. I am just going to let them talk through it. I have another busy work week ahead, and no time off in sight until Christmas Eve. I am absolutely dreading this holiday season.  And not being able to get any time off just makes it all the more stressful. I will be working right up until the 23rd and then only get 3 days.... I am glad that my Mom will be there with me, and Laura and Donald. I just really am not a social person at all, and last year Christmas was just so horrible with Dad having died 4 weeks prior..... I hope this year can be better....

Anyways this is a Tama log. I will probably be hatching a Tama on Christmas or new years this year. Haven't decided which.... Who knows maybe both? :) All I know is that I have to be sure that Mimitchi is there for all of it. And the Furbs. Awwww Toh-Loo and Dah's first Christmas.... Mesu and Osu too! :)

Well off I go to do a few other things around my webpage, and then time to rest up for another busy work day... I will be doing most of my updates in the Mesu and Osu blogs as usual, so stay tuned for updates over there. I've made a Part 4 to those blogs - Never thought I would run these guys for so long. :) Gotta love it!

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