26/11/2016: I seem to have this down to once a week now, haha! I really need to stop being so slack on blog updates. Though most of my writing has been over on the Mesu Osu blogs so I haven't been neglecting the site completely. :)

My Tama news for this week is pretty small.  I ended up with a character I've had before on Morino Tamagotch, Tentonotchi whom I absolutely love and adore. I think for sure that this is one of the most adorable characters on Mori and I am very glad to have gotten him a second time. Love this guy! An animation of him can be found over on my Morino Tama page, the entry for July 11. :) Right now little Tento is 5 years of age, weighing 63mg. I hope he sticks around for a while.

This leaves me with Mimitchi Tama who is 30 years old today but really only 12 time wise. I have had him on pause ever since he got his first illness, and I just wake him up and put him to bed at night, pausing him all day. Work has been crazy busy and I have actually been at the office this weekend.  I am hoping for things to calm down a little soon, but it's always busy this time of year. Just that end of the year rush I guess. I need to let poor Mimitchi live out his days normally instead of pausing him so much.

Right now both sets of Mesu and Osu are in bed, but Mimitchi and Morino are still awake. :) We have been watching Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - the four part mini series. My Tamas got to watch pretty much the entire series of Gilmore Girls with me, and it's a show I grew up with. I loveeeee the show and the mini series is just as great in my opinion. I feel like a lot of people are being too hard on it. There's just no pleasing some people honestly, so I don't have time for that, especially when it's something I love.

I spent some time making animations and updating the Mesu and Osu blogs this afternoon when I got home from work.  I am not sure if they will be around for Christmas or not, but hey I have had a great run with them. I will enjoy whatever time I have left with them. :)

So really not much to write about Tama wise seeing how I've only got two Tamas running that are actually relevant to these blogs. I plan to be hatching more next month! I asked Matt if he would run a DigiMon with me and he said yes so I will probably get around to starting one of those in the next week or so. Was also thinking about taking another try at raising TamaOtch, that confusing little pink Tama. :) I will probably raise Morino again after he departs, but hopefully that won't be for a few days yet.

What else did I want to talk about tonight.... Oh yeah, I took down the Halloween lights which were left up for much longer than normal and put up Christmas lights in my room tonight. I didn't put up as many as I have in previous years but they still look nice. I think I'm gonna buy one more set to run along underneath my window and then I'll be happy with them. Not really all that enthusiastic about Christmas this year, but I need to get in the spirit. I haven't done one bit of Christmas shopping yet and I have no idea when I will get around to it. Soon I hope.... Ugh.

Anyways I will probably be going into work again tomorrow, but it will be so worth the time that I will be able to take off in a couple of weeks time. By the time I get done with tomorrow I'll have about a day and a half worth of time off that I can use. :) Totally worth it! And when I go in on the weekends there is nobody there so today I had my Tamas right out on the desk. It was fun, hehe. :)

For now Mimitchi and I are outta here to watch a little more Gilmore Girls before it's time to hit the hay for the night. I will try and get back to update sooner this time, but I'm sure I will just make a liar out of myself again. ;)

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