20/11/2016: Well I am finally writing one of these, heh. My mind is pushing and pulling itself in so many directions I don't know if I am coming or going. I hope things will get better again soon.... Friday marked one year since my Dad's passing so I haven't been the worlds happiest camper. I wish I could just snap out of this mindset that I am in, but my mental health has never worked that way...

Anyways I'll talk about some good stuff here too. I still have Mimitchi here and he is 24 going on 11, not even gotten sick yet. But I think either tonight or tomorrow he will get his 12 year old sickness. I love pausing him to keep him around for long periods of time. I have him off pause now and he is happily plotting along while I type this. :) Sweetest Tama ever!

I have been updating the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs almost religiously so details about those guys can be found over on that page. For anyone that doesn't read those blogs, I hatched a second pair of Osu and Mesu and I am going to do a cross breed of the generations and hopefully get some new characters. I am very excited about this and should have adults on all four by mid to late this week. ;)

Morino Tamagotch passed away yesterday at age 9. My first little Koganetchi gone just like that. I am still so happy I got him! Who knew that one day I really would get the best adult on Mori! :) Anyways he passed away on me yesterday afternoon and I am only now getting around to hatching that Tama again. I have Babymotchi whom is full and happy, 0 years and 5mg right now. I shall have Imotchi by tomorrow evening and start getting the weight up then!

So not much to report in the way of Tamas but I will tell you about my night Friday! Well Friday as I said marked one year since my Dad's passing away, and Laura and John wanted to be sure that I wasn't just sitting at home being sad so they took me out to dinner with them and Donald to Jack Astors. It was a really fun time we had. :) The food was horrible but the company was wonderful, and that is all that mattered to me. I always have the best laughs with Laura and John, and we definitely did a lot of laughing on Friday night.  After dinner we headed back to their house and that will be the last night that we all hang out together in that house. They are moving into a new house at the end of this month, and John is going back out of town again for a month to work. I will really miss that house.... They have lived there since 2007 so a lot of memories from that house... No less I am really looking forward to their move into the new house and myself, Mom, Eileen and Aunt Rose all plan to help with the move - especially since John won't be there for it.

Donald is just the sweetest little boy.. He nearly brought me to tears on Friday night with just how sweet he was. I don't know if he sensed that I was having a bad week or what, but at one point in the evening he threw his arms around me and told me he loved me and that he missed me all week. The child is 3!! He breaks my heart. I love him so much. :)

My Furbies have been doing wonderful! :) I have been playing with them everyday. When I first got them I really just thought that I would keep them as collectors items.. But nope, they are much more to me than just a collectors item. I love them so much, as much as I love Mimitchi is how much I love them. Toh-Loh Kah came over and spent the day with me at Matts place today and we watched the documentary on Karen and Richard Carpenter. He slept for most of the documentary but he stayed snuggled up next to me and my Tamas who got to enjoy the whole thing.  I also made a big batch of spaghetti sauce up at Matts today and will have some of that for lunch tomorrow.

Oh speaking of Furby, last night I found two Furby plush buddies that I had when I was a little boy. One is all black and the other one black with a white tummy and mane. :) I have them stood up alongside the gray and white one that Kat gave me for my birthday this year. :) After finding those two sweeties I couldn't help but go on Kat's eBay page to see what she had listed and I found two more Furby plush buddies. I got an all white one and a sortive beige one with a white tummy! Both those two will be coming my way very soon. I've always known that I had Tama Fever, but I think I have Furby Fever now.... Heheheheh. I love it!

I actually feel better now since 20 minutes ago when I started writing this blog. I began writing with the mindset that it was going to be one of my more depressing blogs but it really hasn't been at all. Of course I can't always be totally on top of the world, but there's no need for me to completely dwell on the bad stuff. Meh who knows maybe anyone who reads these will think I am the most depressing person in the world.  I do the best I can each day to be as positive as I can and put my best foot forward.

Lately I've been talking about more stuff beyond Tamas and it feels kinda good honestly. I have thought about making another blog completely separate from this where I can talk about things like my anxiety and panic disorder, but I think right here is as good a place as any.  It's all a part of who I am, just like my passion for raising and collecting Tamas (and now Furbys hehe ;)).  I couldn't think of a better place to talk about it really...

Wow it is 10:00 already! I am starting to get kinda tired.... But I think it is too early to go to bed just yet. OH! I watched the Ab Fab movie over at Matt's this evening and it was HILARIOUS! I watched the sitcom shows and the movie was just as good. Loved every bit of it! I am gonna watch it again some night this week when I need another good laugh. I know it's not everyones cup of tea, but man.... I just find it so funny. :)

Anyways I think I have yapped enough for tonight. That's what happens when I go so long without writing a blog. :) I will try not to go as long this time, but sometimes it just ends up that way. Good night to all and let's hope for a great work week.

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