14/11/2016: I've had another weekend come and go and it was quite a relaxing one if I do say so. :)  I only have four Tamas going still. Nonetheless I will give you the scoop on what's been going on.

Mimitchi is still alive and well at the age of 18, but time wise he is really more like 11 or 12 years because I've been pausing him a fair bit. I wanted him to be around for this week seeing how it will be one year since my Dads passing. I know he is just a Tamagotchi, but to me he is much more... And this is a Tama I had around when my Dad was very much alive and well. I'm glad that I'll have sweet Mimitchi around this week when things get emotional. Often times I just clutch onto Mimitchi when I am having a bad moment or if things are stressful. I concentrate on his movements back and forth and things don't feel as bad. :)

So I didn't have Mimitchi with me for much of anything that went on over the weekend, which was really nothing because I was lazy. But I had Batabatchi (Mesutchi), Propellertchi (Osutchi) and Imotchi (Morino) with me while I hung out with Matt on Saturday and Sunday. And oh yes they came with me when I hung out with Sharee on Saturday night. We had dinner and watched A Cinderella Story. That movie is soooo cheesy, but it brought me back to being 15 again hehe. She was house sitting for a friend of hers so I went and hung out with her. There was a really cute dog that she had to look after as well so I was paying lots of attention to her. :) I also spent some much needed time with my Mom, but that is just a given and I spend as much time with her as I can.

After four days of perfect care on Morino Tamagotch (minus one attack that I missed when he was a baby), he went into his cocoon at 3:18pm Sunday afternoon. This time I decided to keep the temperature in the heat again, only sometimes bringing it down to the cold. I wanted to max the heat out as much as I could with this one to see if it would get me something new. When I went to bed last night the temperature was 3/4's in the hot side and that is where I left it when I went to bed. I got up this morning to see the temeperature was fully into the hot side and that is where I left it until 9AM. I have never done this before but I figured why not give it a try. I brought the temperature down to 3/4 heat and then let it go back into the hot side fully for the rest of the afternoon..... I knew that he would be emerging at exactly 3:18 and so I sat at my desk and waited. The time came and I anxiously waited for the screen to clear to see a new face. I got the best adult on Morino Tamagotch??!! I got Koganetchi. :) The golden Beetle!!! I am soooooo happy. I still have many characters that I have yet to get but this guy was top on my list. He is so cute and sweet. :) I shall be updating my Morino section after this. :)

As for Osu and Mesu, they are the adult characters in Gen3, Kabutchi and Pipotchi. They didn't change into teens from the previous generation like I had hoped they would and then became Kabutchi and Pipotchi.... But I do love these adults so I am not unhappy about it. :) I am hoping against hope that they will in the next generation. If not I will just be stuck in that same Gen4 cycle like I was before. More about them over on the Mesu Osu blogs page.... I am really not ready to throw in the towel on Mesu and Osu just yet..!

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