9/11/2016: It has been one busy work week! Overtime has ended but the push is still on to get to a 5 day turnaround time. On the bright side the days go really fast and now I have a long weekend ahead.

I have been keeping Shawn and others up to date on my two Furbies. They are doing very well and I think they are fully grown (if that makes sense). They seem to have fully progressed to their speaking English mixed in with Furbish. They are sooooo cute! And they surprise me with different things that they say when they communicate with one another. I love them very much. :) Toh-Loh Kah is still very much the quiet one compared to that of his sister, Dah. They are both just simply adorable in their own ways. I plan to make a page dedicated to these little sweeties in the near future. Shawn made me some really cute backgrounds that I will be using.

Now I'll tell you about my Tamas. :) I updated the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs this evening and the parents left the children last night. I have Gen3 Babitchi and I spent all day neglecting them. I really hope it pays off because I hate doing it and I fear that I will kill them if I neglect too much. Tomorrow they will be changing into the second half of the Babitchi stage and I will continue neglecting them. For animations and details check out the Mesu Osu blogs.

As for Morino Tamagotch, I ended up with the adult of ChobiTamatchi, someone I have had before. He is really cute little fellow but I had really been hoping for the golden beetle.... Either way my little guy passed away on me this morning and I'll be darned that the Morino doesn't show what age it dies at on the death screen. I decided to restart it this evening and once again I am going to try for the golden beetle, Koganetchi. Honestly I'll be happy with anything that I haven't gotten yet which is quite a few. There are a couple of hidden characters on this Tama as well that I would love to get. ;) Right now I have Babymotchi. He is full, happy and in bed asleep for the night.

Mimitchi is still very much alive and young. He is 13 years old and has yet to even get his first sickness. I have been pausing him a lot during the work days because I am so busy. I have been spending time with him unpaused in the evenings when I am home or over at Matt's place. :)

So that's the latest news on my Tamas. Not a whole lot considering I'm only running four of them at the moment, hehe. I have been thinking about hatching TamOtch again at somepoint, maybe Mothra too, who knows. Again works just been so busy and I don't want to commit to running a large group of Tamas and then not be able to care for them properly.

Looking forward to tomorrow, as in Thursday is my Friday. :) Will have a long weekend to enjoy and tomorrow Mom and I will be up to Laura's as per our usual Thursday night visit. Donald is growing up so fast.... Where has the time gone? This time last year he was only just in daycare. Now he has moved up to Pre-School. Time is going so fast...

Oh yes I made an updates page for my site. Whenever I write a blog or update anything on this site I will make note of it over on that page. It's also gonna be good for births and deaths of Tamas on days when I can't write here. Of course I have my character history page for that, but I guess one can never be too organized. ;)

Yawnnnns.. I must get ready for bed. It is getting close to 11:00 and 7AM comes far to fast. Don't you just hate that feeling when you wake up in the morning and all you can think about is wanting to get back to bed again at the end of the night. I have this reoccuring thought in my head like "Ughh.... I have to get up now for work, but tonight I will go to bed super early so I can get a good rest....".  And then tonight comes and I stay up till midnight! Whyyy must I do this to myself. I don't know what I am even talking about now.... I am tired. I shall put Mimitchi to bed and then get cozy under the covers for a hopefully good night of sleep. :)

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