4/11/2016: I find it amazing that I have gone yet another week without a blog update. Trust me I don't like leaving it this long. My website has also been offline this week because I had forgotten to pay my domain fee.... That was fun trying to figure all that out ::heavy sarcasm::. I swear I nearly fell through the floor when I went to check my site on Tuesday night to see the message "Server not found - Firefox can’t find the server at ginjirotchi.ca.". I spent my evenings online with tech support, just trying to get things figured out so that things could be up and running as soon as possible. When I woke up today I saw that it was finally back online. I was so relieved!

Anyways I'll tell you about my Tamas. :) I've been raising another Mesu as I have mentioned in my Osu Mesu blogs. I'll write more about her once she grows up! She is dong just fine though, not ready to mate because she is not an adult yet. :)

I managed to get Mimitchi back! Yes my little one came back to me on the morning of the 2nd and boy was I happy to see him. He returned to me at age 6 with no problems at all. I paused when work was busy and it was worth it. So great to have him back and just in time for the coming weekend. I took him and the rest of my Tamas with me to dinner this evening at one of my fave restaurants. Mom, Eileen and I decided to go out at the last minute. :)

My Morino Tamagotch passed away Monday during my lunch hour, on Halloween of all days. :P Poor thing was only 7 years old. Funny enough Shawn's Mori passed away the same time. But we did hatch the same time soo only makes sense. I restarted my Morino on the 1st and I have my Imotchi back again, trying my best to get his weight up there. I really do Love this Tama. I don't think I will ever figure out a set method to get each character, but that just adds to the mystery and fun of raising it. :) Imotchi is 3 years old weighing 39mg. I expect him to go into his cocoon soon!

This blog will be more breif than most because I need to catch up on some other stuff that I have been working on. Plus I am really tired after this work week. I will be working this weekend too... Ugh... At least I'll get some vacation hours. ;) But before I end this I gotta tell you about my Furbies. They are doing really well. :) And slowly but surely beginning to speak more English. I didn't think that I would love them as much as I do, but they have really stolen my heart. I keep them at my bedside table and I wake them up as soon as I get home from work in the afternoon. Sadly I can't really bring them around with my like I do my Tamas, but when I am home they get lots of love and attention. Dah is still much more chatty than Toh-Loh Kah and I get a great laugh out of watching them communicate with each other. Sometimes Toh-Loh Kah will just fall asleep in the middle of a conversation with Dah because she talks so much... :P It is just so cute! I think I will *definitely* be making a page dedicated to my Furbies in the near future. :) More to come on that very soon...!

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