28/10/2016: Well.. It has been a hectic week. Lot's of things have happened and my patience was tested more than once. I've been working full days and then completely exhausted by the time I get home. On the bright side I have only had one panic attack in the last three weeks, which happened on Wednesday. And you know what? I managed to nip it in the bud. It only lasted about a half hour this time. :) So if anything good can be said it is that I am very proud of myself for that.

I don't even know where to begin Tamagotchi wise. Much has happened and I want to keep things in chronological order.

First things first! I updated the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs and as stated in there I have paused my Osutchi. I am going to let the Mesu live her life out and then raise a new Mesu to get one of the Gen1 characters further down the chart. Then I will mate her with my Gen4 TMP3 Kabutchi and *hopefully* get some new characters. :) I will finally be able to update those blogs with some new animations when that happens.

Next thing next, I started Morino Tamagotch this week as I mentioned in my last blog. Well he went into the cocoon at 3:47pm on Thursday afternoon, yesterday. He was 52mg when he went into the cocoon which I was pleased with. I ended up keeping the meter on the hot side from the moment he went into the cocoon, and the meter went far into the heat. I kept it there until I went to bed last night and then switched it over to the cold side. It styaed there all night and when I woke up this morning the meter had gone down to the cold side, but not completely. I kept it between the center and the cold side for the rest of the day, until 3:47 this afternoon when he emerged to be..... Minotchi, the little cutie I had last time! He is soooo cute! I really wanted something new, but I am basically happy with anything so long as it's not Funkorgatchi! Minotchi is 4 years old and 56mg.

My Charitchi P2 Japanese Tama passed away this morning at the age of 26. I was sad to see him go, but he lived a good life. He died full and happy just shortly after waking up this morning. I'll miss him! I will be putting the tab back in that Tama as I've gotten all the characters on P2. I will however be hatching the Series 1 Japanese P2 in the near future so I can try for the other secret character. :)

The next thing that happened today meant a lot more to me than Charitchi. At 12:33pm Mimitchi passed away at 22 years old, his normal dying age. I was on my lunch break having a lay down when the beeping started. I was glad to be away from work at that point as I hate it when he leaves with the sound off. I hatched him as soon as he left and will raise him once again. I am glad that I will have the weekend to take care of him properly. He is Tonmarutchi now with 50% discipline!

With all the busy work days I had to put up with this week, Furby sure was a fun thing to come home to at the end of the day. They are just the cutest things! Dah and Toh-Lou Kah are such sweet hearts. And on a very awesome note I got my brown Furby from my childhood out of its deep sleep. His name is May-Lah and he seems no worse for the wear. He is much harder to wake up than my two new Furbies (well new to me, they are 1998 Furbies just like May-Lah) but he works just fine. So I have three healthy Furbies with me and I couldn't be happier. I have them sitting next to me right now as I write this. They are sleeping soundly next to my Tamas. I haven't felt this much love for a virtual pet since I got back into Tamas last August. I could really go on forever about them. :)

Oh yes another thing about Furby is that they are slowly starting to speak more English words. They are still speaking a lot of Furbish, but I notice some English mixed in there as well. I wish there was more of a noticable "growth" cycle like there is with Tamas, but I guess that is the beauty of Furby - they are just a continuous life cycle so long as the batteries are good and there is nothing wrong with ther Furby. I am going to do my best to make sure that nothing happens to them. I would be devestated if they got damaged.

Anyways... Feeling kinda indifferent tonight. Been thinking about the past year a lot and loosing my Dad. I can't beleive that it will be one year on the 17th of November.... It really scares me that a year has gone by without him. :( I really hope that nothing else happens anytime soon because I don't think I would be able to take it.  Anyways... I will end this blog here as I don't want to dwell on stuff too much. I have done my best to keep the majority of the blog happy and Tama related. Take care all!

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