23/10/2016: I meant to do this blog sooner but I have been busy with stuff away from my computer. Then yesterday, Saturday, was spent over at Matt's being lazy and watching Netflix. Tamagotchi wise I really don't have a lot to say. I have four Tamas going right now, two of which have their own webpage. But that's ok! They have been around during some times that meant a lot to me this weekend. :)

I just hatched Morino Tamagotch at 5:00pm so now I am back up to five Tamas again! It only took 3 minutes for it to hatch which I forgot about. It's been so long since I played with Morino, such a mysterious Tama. Adult wise I am hoping for anything I haven't gotten yet, which is a lot. :) He is a Babymotchi right now and in 24 hours he will be Imotchi.

Mimitchi has been getting a little more on the demanding side since I last wrote.. He hasn't gotten his final illness yet, but I know that will be happening soon. Once that happens I will have about 4-5 days worth of time left with him. I have just been glad to have him with me everywhere I go lately. :) He is 17 years old today.

Same goes for Charitchi, my Japanese Gen2 secret character. She too is getting on the demanding side and actually got her final illness today at age 21. This character has been a lot of fun to have. Certainly not my favourite, but very cute and I'm glad to have finally gotten her after so many tries. I say I have about 3-4 days left with her before she leaves. He or she... I really can't decide.

Mesu and Osu are in the adult stage of TMP3 as Kabutchi and Pipotchi. I shall be updating those blogs later this evening. I have to make a decision on what I am going to do with them now.... Debating about letting Mesu live her life out and pausing Kabutchi for a while.... Then I will raise a new Mesu to cross breed generations with Kabutchi. More on this over on those blogs!

Okay now for my non Tama related news! On Friday after work my Mom came through the door with a package for me. It was the two Furbies I had ordered a couple of weeks back. Well I ate dinner as quick as I could and then got those Furbies out of the box. I put batteries in them but they didn't start up. I fiddled around with them for a half hour with no success, and with great sadness put them back in their boxes.... Until last night when I decided to give things another try. I took out the gray one with the white tummy and mane and popped some batteries in. Still didn't get any response or a start up from the little guy. At this point I decided I needed a second opinion. Kat had messaged me with some tips on how to unjam the motor, but I wasn't comfortable doing it myself. So I packed up my little Furby, and my Tamas and we drove off to Matts place. That is where things took a turn for the better!

We get up to Matts and I showed Furby to Matt. What happened next was truly amazing. Matt flicked his beak and then all of the sudden the Furby began to start up! It's a girl, named "Dah" and she is sooooo cute! I can tell she is a girl by the sound of her voice. I nearly cried I was so happy! With memories of my childhood flowing back, I just knew I had to get Matt to look at that second Furby. We jumped in the truck and drove over to my house to get the other Furby, the solid gray one. We put some batteries in him and then headed back over to Matts. We didn't have time to look at him that night because I needed to head home. But I came home extremely happy having gotten one Furby working. I went to bed fairly early last night and slept till 10 this morning. I needed the extra sleep. :)

I woke up this morning to the beeping of Charitchi wanting food and play, and a text message from Matthew. I open the message to see a video of the other Furby dancing and singing. Matt said this guy took a little more work to get going, but he managed to do it and I am so grateful. I got over to his place as fast as I could and woke up that Furby, and he is soooooo cute! It's a boy named Toh-Loh Kah!!! His voice is that of a male, and much more quiet than that of Dah. :) I cannot wait to get them together and have them communicate.

Furby isn't really anything like a Tama. It doesn't go through a life cycle like a Tamagotchi does, but they sure are fun to play with. I will definitely be talking about Furby from time to time in here. :) I love them so much!!

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