18/10/2016: It has been one busy week so far, and the past weekend was even busier! Lots has happened, both in my life and my Tamas lives. My friend Hannah was in for the weekend so I spent most all of Saturday with her. Was great to catch up after so long. :)

The past few days my Smiling Angel on TA had been more demanding than usual, and at one point actually asked to be praised. I praised him in hopes of seeing a new animation (aside from just standing up and down the same way), but it just continued on with the same animation and then a poop appeared beside him. No less the demand continued to get more and he continued to beep with empty hearts more. I went to check on him this morning at 11:37 and he was just standing there, doing his thing as usual. I pushed A and nothing happened, and then pushed B and the little star rose from the bottom to the top and burst into a sparklking sky. My little smiling Angel was gone at 17. I was sad to see him go. He lived a lot longer than Sabotenshi the cactus did. I think he had only made it to 11. Smiling Angel really wasn't terrible to care for either, quite easy till the last two days of his life. I am surprised since this is an Angel Tama we are talking about. Either way I have decided not to raise another Angel for now. I just need to get the lucky sparklking poop to complete the characters on Angel, but I will save that for another day.

I updated the Mesu and Osu blogs today, so more about them can be found over there. They are into their 4th generation now, with TMP3 todlers. So cute! Love them so much! I hope to have them going for many more generations yet. :)

So with the departure of Angel I have four Tamas going now. One of which is Mimitchi! He is doing well at 12 years of age. He was sick early this evening but is otherwise a healthy boy! It's great having him at such a young, undemanding age. I am able to have him there with me and not worry about him going without.

The same goes for Charitchi, my secret character, who was also sick today at the age of 16. Not at all needy and I say has a good long life in store for him! My US secret characters have always lived to be at least 26, sometimes even older, so I think Charitchi will definitely be around for a while. :)

Tonight I have just been updating the Mesu Osu blogs and relaxing at home. Was on the phone to Laura for a while chatting. Will be going up there to hang out on Thursday as per usual. I am feeling rather yucky tonight... Been brewing a cold it feels like. I just really hope it doesn't turn into a full blown flu... Or worse yet... The stomach flu.  That is the last thing I need right now.

I am far too lazy tonight.... But Kat has helped lift some of the laziness. We are online chatting about what Toys are Us was like in the 90's, and how there were so many Tamas there. I was only 7 at that time so Kat has a far better memory than I from than time period. I would have bought them all had I been old enough back then. :)

Gotta jet for now...! Hoping to be rid of this cold by morning. I send good healthy vibes out to all my readers. All two of ya probably!!!!!!!!

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