13/10/2016: It's been quite a few days and as usual I have been busy. Been working long hours, and have had a couple of appointments that I have had to step out for during the work days. I always feel better after seeing my doctor, and things have been generally pretty well. Busy but well. Regardless I have a free evening now so it's the perfect time to update!

First things first! I updated the Mesu Osu blogs and now have new adults that I didn't have before, Mimikotchi and Marumimitchi! Sooooo cute! For more on them see part 1 of my Mesu Osu blogs. Next off, as mentioned in my last blog I got Zukitchi on my blue/black Japanese P2. Well I took perfect care of him from the moment he changed and caught all of his disciplines. I waited all day for him to get sick yesterday, but he never did till shortly after 10pm last night.

After what felt like forever, he finally changed today into the secret character at 2:55pm. I was sitting at my desk working when it happened and I was so happy. :) I watched as the screen shimmered for the second time, and to my pleasant surprise got Charitchi, the American Bike rider. He is really cute! Tho not as cute as Zatchi on the US version, I still really love him. :) It just feels great to finally have someone new for a change. Charitchi is 11 years of age and 30lbs, full and happy. I will have to hatch my Series 1 P2 and try for Sekitoritchi next!

I still have Smiling Angel here with me on my Tama Angel and he (or she) is doing very well, age 12 years today. This character is not demanding and probably one of the more easy Angel characters to care for. I don't even think it's asked for praise yet so that will tell you how easy things have been. He only has 25% on the deeds meter. I go for what feels like hours without checking on him to see that only one heart has emptied in hunger and happiness.  I am still so glad to have gotten all of the Angels with the exception of the Lucky Unchikun! Really I don't consider the lucky poop to be a character, but I would definitely like to get it one day. Maybe it will bring me some more good luck in my life. :) I will take all the luck I can get. ;)

I spent all week raising Tongaritchi on my yellow&blue Tama and he called for his final discipline and got sick yesterday. It took longer getting him back this time because I paused him over the weekend when I was out with Laura and Donald. It was worth the wait because it's nice to get out and do stuff without worrying about missing disciplines. :) And this morning when I had left my desk for a moment, I came back to see that Mimitchi had finally returned. He came back at age 7 this time, so that will tell you I definitely paused him some. But it's all good because now he is back and just in time for the weekend too. Life is always better with Mimitchi! :)

Myself and the Tamas have been doing our own little Fear Fest marathon of scary movies. This week we watched all three Scream movies and they were soooo good. The first one was the best, but 2 and 3 were great too! I don't know what has come over me this year but I've really gotten into scary movies. Tonight we will all watch Scream 4 I believe....! I have orange lights hung up in my bedroom and it's really cozy. :) I would love to dress my Tamas up for Halloween! I know others have done it before and if I have the time I may do it, hehe. I love my Tamas, might as well get creative. :)

Oh I have two Furbies on the way that I ordered from eBay on Tuesday! I am so excited to get them.  I found my brown Furby from back in 2001 last week and he is still working perfectly. I hope the two I bought work.... They were new in box, but who knows if they will work or not... They look awfully cute tho! They are both Gray, one being a solid gray and the other one with a white tummy. Soooo cute! I have always had a soft spot for Furbies. :)

Anyways that has been my Tama news for this week. :) A very good week I might add. I'm already to the middle of the work week and soon it will be the weekend again. I'm pretty content during my work days so I don't find myself wishing the days away anymore. I am happy with the status quo which is an acomplishment in itself. Catch ya later darlins'!

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