7/10/2016: This week has gone by fast! I am already to the weekend. :) I will tell you about my Tamas and what I've been up to. :)

I have Mesutchi and Osutchi still going. They are in the second part of the Babitchi stage in their third geneartion, with 2 crowns on the TMP scale. I managed to get the second line of Gen2 characters so I am really excited! They are both Puchitchi at the moment and should be changing into teens in the next day or two. I haven't updated their blogs yet, but I will very soon!

I started up my yellow Angel Tama as I mentioned in my last blog, and since then I have gotten two characters, one of which I haven't had before. First off I got Taraten, whom I have had once before way back in December. He is really cute, and supposedly some form of Tarakotchi in the afterlife.  I took perfect care of him and at age 5 on Thursday afternoon he changed to become the smiling Angel. I am sooo happy to have gotten this guy! Now I have gotten all the Angel characters with the exception of the two lucky poops! Smiling Angel is definitely cute, but not as cute as his Japanese counterpart, Sabotenshi, the cactus. Either way it is great to have a new character. He is doing just great and hardly ever needs anything.

I have two other Tamas going, one of which is my yellow/blue Tama. Mimitchi made it to 23 years of age and passed away early this evening. I was sad to see him go, especially since this is the start of the long weekend. But it's no matter, I will take the weekend to raise him properly and have him back by early next week. My Tonmarutchi is quiet for the moment - 25% discipline, full and happy.

The other Tama I have going is Tongaritchi, my P2 Japanese Tama, blue/black border & yellow buttons one. He is 50% disciplined and sick early this evening so I expect his change into adulthood tomorrow. I think I will be successful in getting Zukitchi, and then I am hoping to be even more successful and get Charitchi, the series 2 secret character. I have not yet hatched a series 1 Japanese P2, but I will get to that after Christmas sometime I'd say.

I've been lazier than normal with my blogs lately. Due to work and other things, I haven't been updating them as much. I have been keeping the Mesu and Osu blogs up to date, and I guess they are really where most of my exciting Tama stuff is going on. :)  Plus sometimes I just like to spend time with my family and friends.

This afternoon was a lot of fun. I had been hoping to get today off work, but I was lucky enough to get the afternoon off instead. I came home at 12 noon and had some lunch and then watched the beginning of Scream the movie with my Tamas. Well about 1/3 of the way through the movie I dozed off for a little nap, and was awoken to my beeping Tongaritchi. :) By that time it was about 3:30 so I had to get ready and go pick Donald up from daycare. Picked him up, myself and Mom, and then we brought him to get McDonalds. We hung out back here at the house for a little bit and then headed up to Lauras for Mexican food. It was a fun evening. I had Tonmarutchi out with me most of the evening, except when I had to give Donald his bath (I didn't want my Tama getting wet) hehe.

Tomorrow my Mom is going out of town for a couple of Days, so I am gonna pack up a few things and head up to Lauras for the weekend. I don't wanna stay here alone in the house, as I have never actually spent a night alone in my entire life. So I am gonna head up there so I won't be alone. :) I think it will be a really fun weekend. I am so thankful to have such a great family.

Anyways this blog is only gonna be this long because I am pretty sleepy after such a busy work week. I also wanna get up at a decent hour tomorrow morning so that I can make the most of the beautiful weather we are having. :) Good night fellow friends!

Update:  Well I actually had my Tamas on pause for most of the day yesterday (Saturday) but I figured I would come back and update today to say that I *did* get Zukitchi on my blue/black Japanese P2! I am so happy, and now I will hopefully be lucky enough to get the Japanese secret character. :) I hope that everyone is making the most of their Thanksgiving weekend - those of you in Canada that is. ;)

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