3/10/2016: Well... Since my last blog I have had two hatchings as well as a death. First off, Ginjirotchi passed away at 18 on Saturday afternoon. I sure will miss him... He lived a great life, though and he honestly never seemed easier to care for. Even in his last days he was surprisingly very easy to care for. I didn't even have to feed him snacks! He died full and happy. Sweet little Ginji, I will get him again someday very soon. He is just such a darling. :)

While I decided to put the tab back in my clear blue Tama, I restarted my yellow Angel that passed a few days back. I am once again trying for Taraten so that I can get the secret character, smiling Angel. Once I get that guy then I will have gotten all the Angel characters except for the lucky poop! Rumor has it that one can actually get the lucky poop from smiling angel, so who knows maybe I will get lucky twice? :) hehehe. I have Takoten at age 2 right now, and keeping the AP between 36-39. Realllyyy hope I get Taraten tomorrow!!!

I decided to hatch another Tama this morning on my way to work at 8am. It's my Japanese P2, blue with Mimitchi in the space ship on top, black border and yellow buttons. Decided I want to get Zukitchi and attempt getting the Japanese secret character again. Not sure how lucky I'll be, but hey I'm gonna try. :) I currently have Tonmarutchi with 50% discipline.

As for my other Tamas I still have Mesu and Osu going, and they are doing extremely well. I mated them early Sunday morning and got the Gen2 babies, Teletchi and I am completely elated. Finally I will get some new characters that I haven't had before! I have updated the Mesu & Osu blogs so go there for more details.

I of course still have Mimitchi Tama going, and he is well into his teens now, getting more demanding with each day. I haven't been pausing him at all so I know he will leave at his normal age of 21 or 22, but that is fine. I have enjoyed spending normal time with him this time around, and not pausing him for long periods. When he departs I will just bring him back again like I always have. :) Speaking of which I must care for him..... He needed a meal and a game.

Didn't do much this weekend, except run a bunch of errands on Saturday which ended in me using up a 1/4 tank of gas. :P It's alright tho, we (myself, Matt and Adam) had stuff we needed to get done. And then Saturday night I went to a party that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. I haven't gone out in so long, and I don't drink anymore - never did like it much anyway. I much prefer to be in control and be able to drive home whenever I feel like it. :) I paused my Tamas before I left the house that night so there was no problems there. Didn't want them getting neglected while I was out with a bunch of drunk people. :P

What else did I have to talk about..... Oh yeah, I am sleepy, but that doesn't come as much of a surprise considering I am always sleepy and craving sleep. I hope to be more active someday, but after 26 years of being inactive I don't know if that will change.... Kinda has to tho, I am beyond out of shape. One thing at a time I guess.... I will always be one to make excuses for stuff, even if it's something that is for my own good. I'm weird.... Anyways, Mimitchi and I are outta here in hopes of an anxiety free evening.

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