30/9/2016: Well I've been really busy with work as anyone can imagine, but I have finally reached another weekend. :) I have been focusing most of my time on Mesu and Osu so I haven't been starting many others. I am at a comfortable four Tamas going right now.

I did used to have five going, but sadly Angel died a young death at the age of 5. I ended up with Oyajitenshi, the worst character, and since I really didn't wanna get Otonoten, I neglected him, very badly... Well he passed away yesterday and I hope he forgives me for being such a rotten caretaker. I will be hatching that Angel again in a few days! Gotta try for Taraten again!

In other thoughts, Mesu and Osu are in the teen stage of their lives, in generation 2. I managed to get the gen1 teen, Ojotchi on my Mesutchi and I was sooooo happy! They will be 8 years old tomorrow and it is my beleif that they will change tomorrow! I am sooo excited to see who I get. :) I will be happy with anything that will give me a different Gen2 babitchi!! I am beside myself waiting!!!

I also have two other Tamas going, one of which is Mimitchi who is 16 years of age. He is getting a little more on the demadning side as I really haven't been pausing him and just letting him live out his life normally this time around. He has just been coming around with me during my regular day to day events, which mostly revolve around work.

The other Tama I have going is Ginji, who is 17 years of age. He also has become rather needy, but I really don't mind. I have always loved Ginji just as much as I love Mimitchi. He won't be sticking around for much longer. I beleive Ginji normally leaves around 18 if you don't pause, and I have only paused a few hours worth. Sweet, sweet Ginji.... I will definitely miss him when he leaves. But I will make the most of the time I have with him. Both him and Mimitchi have been watching a lot of episodes of About a Boy with me on Netlflix which is really funny and cute. It's an easy watch and I recomend it to anyone who likes simple, down to earth kinda cute shows.

Boy I'm tired. It's been a long week, that is for sure. Tomorrow is the first day of October and I can't beleive it. Time is flying by..... And in November it will mark one year since my Dads passing... Life is truly so delicate, and I want to make the most of every minute. I don't feel that I need to do anything extravegant in my life, but I truly need to be thankful for every moment I am alive. My Tamas bring me so much joy, and raising them is my passion. :) I am thankful for all the time I've been able to dedicate to writing these pages and collecting these gorgeous little gems. Off I go to update the Mesutchi Osutchi blogs. :)

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