26/9/2016: Well it's Monday night and this is the last thing on my list to do before the night is over. Tama Blog. :) I only have five Tamas going at the time being, and I've been focusing most of my time on Osu and Mesu. They are just the sweetest little Tamas.

I have Ginji on my clear blue Tama. He is 13 years old and only in the beginning phase of becoming needy. Otherwise he has been doing just great! I sure missed that smiling sweetie. :)

Osu and Mesu are now into the second generation, in the second half of the Babitchi stage as Hyurutchi. Go check out my blogs for more on them!

And sweet little Mimitchi! My little one is only 12 years old and oh so adorable, as always. It has been great having him around as usual. I will never tire of that sweet little guy so long as I live. :) He has been there for me over the past week when things have actually been going well! More about that in a little bit though.

Yesterday on my way out of the house to go blueberry picking I grabbed my yellow US Angel Tamagotchi and hatched it. I really wanna go for Taraten so I can try for the smiling angel secret character. You know the one who just stands in one spot and does the same animation? I need that character along with the lucky poop! I am hoping I succede in this and I think I just might because I already have the unhealthy teen character, Takoten and I am keeping his hearts half full and giving him AP between 30-40. I've done it before on the Japanese Angelgotch, that one time I got Taraten who then changed into the cactus, Sabotenshi. I have a feeling I like Sabotenshi better, but I'll have to wait and give smiling angel a chance too. :)

Mimitchi and Ginji got to watch the movie Fried Green Tomatoes with myself and Mom last night. What a beautiful, heartwarming movie! I was so glad to be able to share it with them! My other three Tamas went to sleep about 20 mins into the movie. I will definitely watch it again!

Okay, I gotta write about this now because I feel it important to talk about. As most anyone who reads these blogs would know, I have very bad anxiety and panic disorder. It has definitely taken a toll on my life, and some days I don't know if I can actually get any worse with the constant fear I suffer from. This past week though has actually been really good and I didn't have any anxiety from Monday until Saturday night, when I got a little anxious and had to stay home and keep to myself. I want to write about this because I want to celebrate my good days, and in this case it was my good week. :) I felt great! I was just living! I actually felt like I had gone to heaven because I haven't been this calm in a long time. I was going into work everyday without that constant pit in my stomach, that lump in my throat that makes it difficult to breathe properly. I have to believe that this is all worthwhile and that I will someday reach a point where anxiety will no longer rule my life.

I think I will always be an axnious person, but there is no reason that I have to be tied down so badly like this. I can't get through a single day without worrying about something bad happening, my health failing on me, something happening to my Mom, getting sick, the list goes on. I've always felt like not a soul understands, but I do have some wodnerful people in my life and they are very understanding of me. I am going to keep on fighting for my peace of mind, until one day I will no longer have to fight and I will just be OK!

Anways I had to talk about this since I was just so happy to finally have a good week. And I feel that this is a sign of more good weeks, and hopefully months to come. :) Heck let's just go for the gold and say I have some amazing YEARS ahead of me. :) I am thankful to have been able to write about this because I feel all too often I only have negative stuff to talk about. My Tamas are a constant ray of sunshine in my life, and I want all other aspects of my life to be that way as well. This life is going to be what I make it! I am off to finish up some stuff on the Osu Mesu blogs. I haven't been home a lot lately. Been either at work or out with my Mom or Matt. I hope to keep busy over the next while as that really gives me peace of mind. :)

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