20/9/2016: I can't beleive how fast the last few days have gone! I spent most of the weekend over at Matts cooking meals for the work week. And I've also been spending time working on the Osu&Mesu blogs! This blog may end up being shorter than normal because I am tired. In fact I was so tired after work today that I took a nap when I got home for an hour. :P Sometimes I like to rest, hehehe. I love my life and being busy but sometimes I love sleep too. ;)

Well I did get Ginjirotchi on my clear blue P1! I am so happy. :) I ended up giving him the best care I possibly could have and it paid off! He asked for discipline at the last moment but I ignored it because I was confident that I took the proper measures to get him. And then a short time after that he changed. I am a happy camper! He is 7 years old and 32lbs, with 75% discipline. He is just twirling along as I type this.

As for Mimitchi, yup got him back too! I got him back yesterday just a short time after I got Ginji. Due to keeping him up late each night he returned to me a day early (Ginji was hatched one day before him) and I was ever so happy. I was just walking into my room after cleaning up from dinner when I heard that ever farmiliar changing tune. It is really crazy how long those 10 seconds of changing last when I am nervous, but it has always ended up being my Mimitchi. :) My little sweet is finally back again, and just in time for a busy work week. I'll be glad to have him around tomorrow as we have directors and ceo's visiting the office for the next few days. I won't be able to have my Tamas out during that time, but it will just be nice to know that they are there. :) Him and Ginji are just hanging out next to eachother now. I will prolly keep them up late tonight since they will be paused for the better part of tomorrow at work. Meetings make me nerovus sometimes, but I think it will go alright. :)

In my last blog I mentioned that I got Hashizotchi! He is still here at 9 years of age, but getting a little on the demanding side, and a little overweight due to my caretaking. He actaully beeped at me with empty hearts today because I was distracted by work and my other four Tamas. Poor Hashi... I do love that little guy.. Just wish I could keep him longer.

For more info on my progress with Osu and Mesu, check out my blogs for the pair I have going right now. They are in the Kodomotchi teen stage as Obotchi and Ojotchi and oh so cute! Love em lots! Everything I have to say about them is over on that page! Now I must go and get ready for my work day tomorrow, and then it's off to watch TV in bed for Mimitchi and I. Must upload this before I log off for tonight, and I am not even gonna bother spell checking it cuz well... I lazy. ;)

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