16/9/2016: Cheers to the weekend finally being here! :) Boy it's been a busy week, but I have been making more time for my webpages in the evenings. Work has been really busy but enjoyable at the same time. I am doing a bunch of different things so the days go really fast. I think I am all up to date with everything now thankfully! The last couple of days I have had a death as well as several hatchings.

I will try and keep things in the order of occurance! Well I did manage to get Hashitamatchi, the beaked character on my white/gray P2 Tama! I took the best care of him that I could and caught all of his disciplines after that and just hoped for the best. Actually I caught his last discipline right before he changed today and then I got Hashizotchi, just as I had hoped. I really love this guy! He is 5 years old and should stay for 4-5 days if I'm lucky.

Two days ago I hatched another Tama. I decided I really missed Ginji and would love to have him back. So I hatched my favourite color Tama, my clear blue with yellow buttons P1! I hope that I am able to concentrate on getting Ginji with four other Tamas to care for! He is a tricky one to get sometimes, but I will give it my best. If I don't get him then I will get Masukutchi. He is 3 years old and 50% disciplined - doing very well. He changed into Tamatchi late this morning while I was working. :) Just gotta get that discipline up to 75% and I should be well on my way to getting Ginji!

When I went into work yeseterday morning I had a feeling that it was going to be Mimitchi's last day with me for a while, and I was right. Thankfully he passed away when I was on my break, just shortly after 9am. I had woken him up early simply cuz I knew he didn't have long left and might as well just let him live his last hours with me at work. Well thankfully I was outside on my break and then I took him out to see him in his bed. This was the longest I ever kept Mimitchi around. Of course that was only because I paused him so much.  Before long he laid an egg for me and then all that was left was the floppy space ship with the stars twinkling beside it. I hatched my yellow&blue Tama again the minute he died. I will do my best to get him back as quickly as possible! Feels strange not to have him here after all this time, even if he did spend a lot of it on pause.

Later on yesterday I got my things together and started up another pair of Mesutchi & Osutchi! My adventures with these guys will be written over on the Osutchi Mesutchi page like before. This is my newest pair that I bought in the spring after I had already hatched my clear white and smoke pair. They are soooo gorgeous! I posted a pic of them on the Osu Mesu page. They are doing really well and in the babitchi stage at the moment, MohiTamatchi, generation 1 of course. :)

And with that I shall finish this blog. I am going to go and try some yoga poses that I have been trying to learn the last couple of days. I am hoping that it will help me manage my anxiety better, and just give me an overall feeling of well being. :) Worth a shot anyway! Catch ya later Tama fans!

UpDate!! Well clearly I am half asleep today because I forgot to link this blog. Thank you to Shawn for pointing that out to me. :) While I am here I might as well say that I got Tongaritchi on Mimitchi Tama a little while ago, so just a couple more days and I'll have him back again. :) I also gave Tamatchi (clear blue) discipline to be 75%! So I am well on my way to getting two sweeties. :)

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