13/9/2016: Well I am finally getting around to writing one of these. After two weeks of raising Umino Tamagotch I have finally decided to take a break. If you read my Umino Tamagotch blogs you will know that Kujiratchi passed away yesterday at age 6. I managed to get 3 new characters this time so I was very glad for that. Just one more and I will have gotten them all. :)

So after the departure of Umino yesterday I was at one Tama alive, Mimitchi Tama. That is an all time low number of Tamas to have going. I decided I couldn't let that go on.  I figured why not hatch something easy, so I started up my white/grey US P2 Tama. I've been taking bad care in hopes that I can get Hashizotchi again. I've only had him twice but man he is a cutie and would love to have him back again. I hope I get lucky!

It has been over a year now and I have hatched my yellow/blue Tama 16 times. All of those Tamas have been Mimitchi except one who I ended up restarting in the Tongaritchi stage because I knew I had missed a discipline. The Tama looks much different than it did a year ago. :) But I wouldn't have it any other way! I love little Mimitchi and I feel guilty that I have prolonged his life for this long now. I have had this Mimitchi with me since July 31! I will have to let him go at some point soon..... Been so long since I had to raise him now, I hope I haven't gotten rusty on my Mimitchi raising skills. ;)

Hehehe I have Mimitchi sitting with me right now as I type this. He is so old and needy, but surprisingly easy to care for. I guess I got more used to Ocean than I thought I did. ;)

It's been so long since I wrote here, it feels strange to have gone so long. Not much been going on in my life except the usual work days. I had last week off from work which was nice, but I had some rather bad anxiety days... Particularly the nights were bad. One day at a time... Sometimes one hour at a time. Tonight was pretty fun tho! I went Mini Golfing with my coworkers after work and it was a lot of fun. Really took my mind of my anxiety for a few hours. We had pizza afterwards and I only got home about an hour ago. Oh and speaking of work, I have been moved to another part of the office which I am sooo happy about. I am around more people now, but at the same time I still have space so that I am not crowded by anyone. I like the new setup for sure! I'm sure my Tamas will like it as well!

I was thinking a lot after Umino left yesterday and I decided that I really do need a break from it. Ocean is such a needy Tama, and it's hard to do much of anything without having to constantly worry about it. I do love Ocean and I definitely did get used to it's demand level, but I have really been able to relax in my caretaking since my whale died. Time to concentrate on some other Tamas now, namingly Mimitchi. :)

What's up next on my hatching list you might ask? Well Osutchi & Mesutchi of course! I will be hatching them at the end of this week! I have so missed having those guys around! :)

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