25/8/2016: Well its been a while yet again! It just gets that way when work is busy and I am wiped by the time I get home. I am going over to Laura's in a bit so I want to write this before I porcrastinate any longer.

I've had some growths with my Angels, and I gotta say I am disappointed. Well both my US and Japanese Angels initially both became the best of the worst characters, Pukuten which I was happy with as I have only had this character once before. I forgot how cute she is! Adorable really, especially when she gets happy and her eyes pop wide open. :) Anyways my US one changed into the Futagotenshi twins at age 5 two days ago, I was not impressed. I really hope that they don't live forever this time!! I did it before with one Angel Tama and that was bad enough.

This will tell you that yes, my other Pukuten changed into none other than the Futagotenshi twins this afternoon while at work. Two sets of twins that are only 2 days apart!!! If they live beyond 15 then I will literally go out of my mind. I try so hard to get anything but those twins and in the end they always come back to me again. Oh well.... They are both easy to care for at the moment so no problems there. I am just thinking about what lays ahead with these two... :P Hehe.

DigiMon, Darkmon is still with me at age 15 and will turn 16 later this evening. He is getting more demanding with each day, and as per my previous Digi's only looses hunger hearts but stays full on happy. I have been doing my best to keep his weight to a minimum of 40lbs, but it gets up there sometimes when I am at work. Things get so busy that he ends up beeping at me sometimes and I just fill him up and get back to my work. I don't recall my last Darkmon living past 18 so he will probably pass away over the weekend.

So right now I have only the four Tamas going. I still have Mimitchi here with me. He is very old and demanding at 26 today! I have been pausing him quite a bit. In fact I haven't had him active at work at all this week. I have chosen to keep him paused during the work day and then spend real time with him in the evenings. It's just easier that way and extends his time with me. Regardless of all this he will eventually pass away and I will need to bring him back agian. I have him sitting on my belly now as I type this and he is full and happy for the moment. :)

I plan on hatching Osutchi and Mesutchi again very soon! I would say the end of next week right before I go on a weeks vacation from work. That will give me the time to concentrate on getting some new characters and make animations. I am soooooo looking forward to a week off from work. I plan to have Mimitchi there for all of it, maybe Ginji too! Who knows. :) Either way it is just gonna be nice to have some time away from that office. We all need a break.

Anyways I am gonna head out shortly to hang with Laura so I will upload this bad boy blog and be on my way! I shall update sometime over/after the weekend on my Tamas!

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